Friday, July 31, 2009

A Boob is Still a Boob

So I'm walking into my office today minding my own when I see a boob. Yes a boob. Ok so it had a baby attached to it, but still. This lady was sitting on this bench in a high traffic area nursing away. No shawl or blanket or cover up. Just a baby and a boob.

I realize I'm a shy person. But I cannot imagine whipping out my boob in public without a cape or something to cover me. I'm sure once I'm a mom I will see things differently. As I walked by this lady trying desperately to avoid staring I started thinking.

Maybe it's me?

When we were in Boston the weather was amazing. We went to Boston Common only to see tons of people in their bathing suits lying out in the sun. Am I the only one who thinks that is strange?

I hate being in my bathing suit at the beach where everyone else is in their bathing suits.

But the idea of lying in a huge public park with business men and soccer teams in my bathing suit made me cringe. If you are in a park wearing water resistant underwear (after all isn't that what a bathing suit is?) and the guy next to you is in a 3 piece suite reading the news paper that strikes me as odd.

I have no problem with other people doing things like this. Really, more power to them. I could just never do it.


Heather and Spencer said...

More power to the women who can nurse in public without a cover! I however was never that talented...I would be flashing people left and right without my hooter hider!

Megan said...

I am a fan of public nursing with the proper cover preactiions taken. There definitely needs to be a cover or a blanket involved. I kinda think it is immodest and somewhat rude to do otherwise. You never know what that little munchkin will unlatch and let go - not good!

Jody C. said...

oh i was to shy to nurse in public. so off the the restroom, car, or nurse before i left...that's me, i was just not talented enough to handle nursing even with a blanket

Scott & Audrey said...

hahaha... i love how you word stuff. i'm not a public nurser. i try to pump before hand if i can. oh but at the fashion place mall they have a really nice nursing room! too bad i have no money to go shopping there or i'd be hanging out in murray all the time! but yeah, i'm paranoid about exposing myself in public