Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Belongs to Children

There is some car commercial out right now that claims that summer has always belonged to the children. But getting this new car can make summer fun for adults too. Right.

I couldn't agree more with the first part of the statement though. Unless you are a kid, or have kids that you hang out with at the pool and beach, summer kind of sucks now.

Really all it means for the working woman (or man) is a higher bills. Great! Or in my case continued months of sneezing and weezing while indoors and higher bills.

When I was younger I used to live for summer. It was by far my favorite time of year. I still do like the sun shining everyday, but the rest of it I can do with out. Maybe I'm not doing summer right.

I mean I've still only been out in the sun once this year. Perhaps I need to spend every Saturday by the pool and then I'll like summer again. I won't like the wrinkles/skin cancer I get when I'm older though.

I do enjoy a good BBQ though and summer is perfect for that. I'm addicted to hot dogs. I know they are made of all sorts of weird things, but I don't care. If loving hot dogs is wrong I don't want to be right!


Megan said...

I miss the good ol days when summer was relaxing and birthdays were not just another day of work! Sometimes it stinks getting old, but it is fun to have kids and look at these times through their eyes again! I think I need to come out there so we can go the beach and have a BBQ! Bring on the hotdogs!

Jessica said...

FYI- This is National Hot Dog month. No kidding. I just got invtited to a National Hot Dog month dinner party. LOL So rock and and eat those weiners proudly!