Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I drive a lot, usually by myself. I am aware of the laws about texting and talking on phones while driving and try to avoid both for the most part.

So I was driving home from work yesterday and got a text message from my friend asking me if I wanted her to bring me dinner. How nice right?

I thought I would try to be considerate and text her back in a timely manner. As I opened my phone to start texting away I had this nagging feeling that I was not making a wise choice. I mean I have made some serious driving snafus. I’ll admit that I tend to not be real observant behind the wheel. Still no tickets though (knock on wood!). Anyhow I'm not sure if me trying to multi task while driving is the best idea.

So as I’m about to start texting I glance in my rear view mirror to see 4 cop cars hot on my tail with their lights and sirens blaring! I threw my phone in the back seat and thought "Wow it didn’t take long for them to catch me!"

But 4 police cars for a texting while driving violation seemed a bit much...

A green SUV went zooming by and so did the police cars. Turns out I was in the middle of a high speed car chase!

I guess they were not so worried by my almost driving violation after all since they had bigger problems to deal with.

Lesson learned! I won't even attempt texting while driving again anytime soon!


Jody C. said...

how scarry to be right in the middle of a high speed chase. you know what those people will do! glad you were safe

Scott & Audrey said...

ah! scary! at least you were ok! that's the important part!