Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wrap Up

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! I've been MIA for a while. Things got pretty crazy there.

Christmas was great! As usual it zooms by way to fast. When I asked Brynlee what she wanted for Christmas she kept telling me " Band-Aids for my boo boo". No I do not beat my child. No she is not covered in boo boos. She is just in love with band-aids, and I'm not sure why. I guess this is pretty common. Anyhow Santa did bring her band-aids, among many other things. Roller skates, toys, doll houses, stuffed animals. But true to her word she was over the moon about her band-aids. Crazy kid.

Brynlee's school was closed the week between Christmas and New Years, so we had a lot of time together. It was fun, but I'd be lying if I said that this morning when I brought her to school I was not just a little bit excited. Oddly enough though I've missed her all day. I know, never satisfied.

I had a really fun laundry experience the other day. With last week being Christmas I'd let laundry pile up and up. I had loads and loads to do on Thursday, so I set out to our little complex laundry room with Brynlee in tow. As Brynlee tends to do, she started wreaking havoc in the laundry room so I tossed my loads into the washers as quickly as possible and took her home. When I went to changed the load I put the first one in the dryer. I went to put the second load into the dryer and I noticed little gel like things all over the clothes. I pulled them out and realized with complete horror I'd washed a diaper with Brynlee's clothes. Ahhh!!!!

In case you don't know what the inside of the diaper looks like, I challenge you to take a peek. Get it wet, and then cut it open. You'll find all sorts of little beady gel particles. That get EVERYWHERE. I wasn't sure what to do. I took the clothes out and brought them home. But there was still handfuls of this goopy gel all over the dishwasher. I desperately cleaned out the washer, trying to hide any evidence of what I'd done. I had to shake out each piece of clothing inside and out to get all the stuff off, and then ran it through the washer again. Which then broke down. Probably due to my diaper fiasco. Ooops. Yeah. All the while I had Brynlee continually asking me " Mommy, what are you doing?" The washer is now fixed, and I've learned to check the clothes I'm tossing into the washer a little better.

New Year's Eve I had to work, so it was not the most exciting one I've ever had. I'm getting over a cold too, so I came home from work, rang in the New Year and went to bed. Party!

So here we are in 2013. It's crazy. I love the start of a new year. It's like anything is possible. Who knows what the next year will bring. Maybe I'll have a baby this year. Or have my own house. Or travel to somewhere I've never been. I'm excited to see what milestones Brynlee will reach in 2013. One of them being potty training, so I won't wash anymore diapers on accident. :)

Happy New Year, I hope 2013 treats us all well!

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