Thursday, January 24, 2013

Facebook Depression

As I was browsing my morning Yahoo stories ( my version of reading the newspaper) I stumbled upon this one.

I found this really interesting. Because there have been times when going on facebook has depressed me. I am a frequent facebooker. I like that is allows me to keep in touch with people I would not normally keep in close touch with. I can see what's going on in peoples lives with a click of a button.

But it's dark sides are evident as well. I feel like every time I'm on there it's an online version of keeping up with the joneses. Whose kids are cuter, who looks better in a bathing suit, who has a bigger house. Whose vacation was better, who made the best meal for dinner.

This article has 3 tips on how to cope with facebook depression and I thought it was really helpful. And made a lot of sense. It's easy to look on facebook and think that everyone else's life is great and yours is not. But people put their best image on facebook. It totally makes sense. I knew a couple on the brink of divorce and they would constantly tell each other how much they loved each other on facebook. Just looking online you'd think they had the perfect life. Far from it.

I've deactivated my facebook account before. It was quite liberating. But I missed knowing what was going on with people. And getting and receiving helpful info. Thanks to facebook I know what to do if I find an injured animal, how to potty train my kid and that Nevada has DMV kiosks in the grocery store. It really is a wealth of knowledge. But it does come at a price if you end up losing sight of things that really matter.

Take a peek at the article. Even if you never find yourself facebook depressed I think you'll enjoy it.


Audrey Spence said...

Its so true! I usually just get mad at how stupid people are. Haha! I'm so positive some days! :) It is hard for me to see stuff my friends get to do together though when I miss everyone a lot and feel like I'll probably never see them again. I think that's what is hardest for me.

Julia Everts said...

Thank you for this info. Hope you're doing well.