Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why God Created Sister in Laws

Jimmy's sister Nancy came to visit yesterday. She lives in San Diego, so we don't see her a ton but it's always fun when she comes to town. Brynlee loves her, and gets super excited when she knows she is coming. Brynlee kind of says her name like " Nasty" though. Hopefully we can break that habit.

Here is a conversation Nancy and I had last night.

As I'm trying to get ready for work-

Nancy: Do you get hit on a lot?
Me: Uh, no. Never actually.
Nancy: Oh well I was just watching you, and you're really pretty!
Me: Well thanks!
Nancy: You just must give off that "I'm unavailable vibe"
Me: Yeah...that must be it. Sure.

See you need a sister in law to tell you stuff like that! ;)

Thanks Nancy, you can come over anytime!