Thursday, December 6, 2012

Poison Control

As Brynlee got into my perfume yesterday ( this one was my fault, I left it where she could get it) I started to think about all the stuff she has gotten into in the past few months. This kid is a terror! Make up, pain, Vaseline...(that was a fun one, It took like 3 baths and dish soap to get that off because she was covered in it), endless amounts of food- And one other not so funny thing.

I don't think I blogged about this one, and if I did sorry. I can't remember anymore. The older I get the less my brain functions!

In August I had a sinus infection and was taking antibiotics. It was a Saturday and I had to go to work. Jimmy was making breakfast, and I was getting dressed. I thought he had Brynlee, and he thought I had Brynlee. Turns out no one had Brynlee, and she was running a muck. As I'm tying my shoes Brynlee comes in and tells me she has medicine. I looked in her mouth and sure enough there was a white pill which I promptly plucked it out of her mouth.

I was confused, what could that be? I went into the living room to see my purse dumped out, and my antibiotics spilled everywhere. They are supposed to be in a child proof bottle! I started to panic and tried to count how many where missing. I couldn't even focused I was so panicked. 5! 5 were missing! Me, being full grown and supposed to take 2 per day.

On a side note, I remember watching Family Feud with Robbie once. He started talking about who he would bring on that show... and I was not mentioned. He told me I'd crack under the pressure. I was slightly offended, at the time.

However this day proved just how right he was. I was so panicked I started looking in my baby book to try to find the number for poison control. Jimmy, ever cool as a cucumber just googled it and made the call. They told us to expect some vomiting, and perhaps diarrhea. But she would be ok. I immediately started balling my eyes out because I was so relieved.

I went to work and called Jimmy like 100 times to check on how she was doing. I was racked with guilt. This was totally my fault. Not only did I leave my purse where she could get it, I'm super dumb and didn't screw the lid back onto the child proof bottle all the way. And then when it came time to calm down and act quickly I completely buckled. Great!

However Brynlee was fine. She didn't seem sick at all.

About 1 week later I was cleaning out my purse and found 4 loose pills in there! So, counting the one I plucked out of her mouth she actually ingested NONE of them. I can look back at this and laugh now, but at the time I felt like the worst mother on the planet. I learned a lot from this experience though, and hopefully I won't have to call poison control again anytime soon. And if I do, I hope I can be as under control as Jimmy was!

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Heather and Spencer said...

I have had to make a couple calls to poison control! Not a fun call to make either, I know how you feel! First, Ryan found a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol in it and was sucking on it (I still dont know where he found it, I only know it was from the work that was being done on the house when we first moved in). Apparently, that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was told he was probably fine, give him some milk to get rid of the taste and only to worry/call back if he started acting drunk. Great. The second time I called was because Ryan found some Scotchguard that was left out on the kitchen counter and he sprayed it in his face. I think that one was scarier for me because he did get it in his eyes and I kept being told to call someone else. Bottle said to call the Dr, and they said they had no idea and to call Poison Control, who then said to check with the Dr. Seriously? Glad Brynlee was alright!!!