Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Voting Day

Today's the day! I like politics, but I don't like the affect it has on people. I'm super glad this election will all be over soon, and I'm very curious to see the outcome. Being that I'm LDS, most of my friends are Republicans so all I see all over the place is Romney support. So in my mind, Romney will for sure win and Obama doesn't stand a chance of being re elected. Silly me I forget that everything doesn't revolve around what I see. It seems that the race is quite close, and that makes it interesting.

Unfortunately for me, I'm somewhere between a democrat and a republican, so I've never really felt passionately for any candidate. None of them have represented my feelings closely enough for me to have a real strong feeling. We'll see what the end of today brings.

Last election day was quite a debacle for me. I've moved several times, and wasn't sure where my voting place was. I tried two places before work, neither of which I was registered to vote at. At work I called to find out where I was supposed to go. After I got off I set off to the polls again. Unfortunately at this point it was like 7:45pm and Obama was already being declared the winner. As I entered the polling place the workers shot daggers at me through their eyes. But I was not to be derailed! I was going to cast my vote, even if it really didn't matter at that point. It mattered to me.

This time around I'll have to wait until this evening. And I've done absolutely no research on anything. Yep... I suck! I was hoping Jimmy left his sample ballot at home so I could make some educated decisions real quick, but he took it with him. My sample ballot goes to a house I lived at 6 years ago. Oops. I never did change my voting address. I suck again. So now I'm stuck looking up stuff online to try to avoid just picking names I happen to like.

Jimmy called me a "slacker" this morning. He is absolutely correct. I slacked big time. But I'm still excited for voting day. I have a good feeling about this one. I feel like good things are to come for this country and can't wait to see!

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Audrey Spence said...

I tried to read up on people but its hard with two kids that don't give you more than 5 min of peace and quiet. I did read the amendments to our state constitution and some tax thing. But I still didn't feel super informed on some of the stuff. It also didn't help that I waited to turn in my absentee ballot the absolute last day. The procrastinator in me will never die. :) One day I'll get better at it.