Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cared For

After I had surgery last week I needed a little TLC. Wednesday Brynlee's day care was closed, and I wasn't sure what kind of shape I'd be in physically (or really mentally for that matter) and figured I'd need some reinforcements. I decided to call in the best. My Mom. Or parents rather.

It's funny how even when you are 28 you still want your Mommy to take care of you when you don't feel good. And with good reason. If your Mom is like my Mom she is the best at playing nurse. Even though it was the day before Thanksgiving and they were both super busy at work, my parents both took the day off to take care of me and Brynlee. On Wednesday morning my Dad picked us up ( because I was told I couldn't drive due to heavy pain meds) and took us to their house.

I spent the day cuddled on the couch being waited on watching lifetime movies. It was awesome. My Mom got me drinks. She got me pillows. She got me blankets. She made me a grilled cheese sandwich. All the while they both wrangled Brynlee so she would leave me alone and I could rest. It was honestly an amazing day. Which is pretty amazing all things considered. I found myself not wanting to leave this care palace. Not that Jimmy doesn't take care of me, but no one does it like my Mom.

Despite the rather depressing turn of events around Thanksgiving I had a lot to be thankful for this year. I have a wonderful group of family and friends that really banded together around me during a hard time. Jimmy basically took care of Brynlee from Friday (when we got the bad news) to Tuesday when I had the procedure done. And then he took time off work to take me to the Dr even though his department is super super busy this time of year. My parents came to the hospital to make sure I was OK and then took care of me when I needed it And paid for the procedure, since unfortunately it was not free. Donna took time off work to take care of Brynlee so I could go to the Dr. My friend Tessa got my shifts covered at my job so I wouldn't have to worry about calling in sick during a busy time. And she brought me candy and diet coke after I had the procedure (she knows the way to my heart!). Not too mention emotional support from countless other family members and friends. I am truly cared for.

Now if someone could just make this extra 5 ish lbs go away I would really appreciate it. If i'm not going to be pregnant I want to be back at my pre pregnancy weight. And am impatient. I want it now! The fact that it's Christmas time is like a dieting nightmare. At least after you have a baby even though you are large you still have a baby to show for it. Now I just have some baby weight and no baby. I was in Costco yesterday and had to leave immediately because there was tasty food everywhere. Alll over. Since I actually enjoy eating again now it's even harder, because I just want to eat all the time. And that is what I did on Thanksgiving. It was delicious. Some things are worth the 5lbs!

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