Thursday, November 29, 2012

No Use Crying Over Spilled Make Up

Most Saturdays I work during the day. Jimmy is home with Brynlee. I got home last Saturday and asked him how she was. At first he said good, then said " Oh wait actually not good. She got into your make up."


I ran in the bathroom and quickly did damage assessment. In Brynlee's defense, I knew this was coming. The other day she watched me put on my makeup and was enthralled with it. I put some clear powder on her and she was so excited. I went over the make up rules with her over and over. She can't touch the make up without me. I asked her if she is supposed to touch my make up. She gave the correct answer of No.

At this point I'm still trying to figure out exactly what she understands. She definitely understands when she is not supposed to do something. But I'm not sure she understands cause and effect yet.

After going to cosmetology school I've sadly developed a love for more expensive things. I've seen and experienced first hand that target make up and hair products just don't hold a candle to the professional stuff. This is unfortunate because I don't have a ton of money to go by these expensive things. I did however splurge on a foundation that I love love love. I love it. Did I say that? It's like magic. And feels weightless on my skin.

At first I was afraid that Brynlee had gotten into that one... and then I remembered in my infinite wisdom that I keep that foundation in my medicine cabinet, away from the rest. She did manage do dump my back up Revlon foundation all over the floor, carpet and everything else. Apparently she burned right through my bare minerals blush. And my make up brushes need some TLC. But she did not get hold of my prized possession.

I asked Jimmy if he got in trouble and he said " Oh yeah". She is old enough now in my opinion to listen. I want her to learn not to touch things because I say "No", not just because I've hidden them out of her reach. However when it comes to things such as knives, cleaning chemicals etc I'm not willing to gamble with those. So those are still out of reach.

Unfortunately my makeup had to fall on the sword for Brynlee to learn a lesson. She will have to learn lessons the hard way it looks like. She touched the stove the other day while I was cooking and burned her finger. She got a big old blister and scared me to death. Seems like I get to learn these lessons right along with her. Motherhood. It's a wild ride!

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Audrey Spence said...

The lovely makeup... Charlotte still gets into mine now and again. I'm still missing my most favorite lip gloss. It has officially disappeared. Charlotte's also gotten into my eye shadows, chapstick, blush... it was horrible to clean up. But I have a childproof lock on my bathroom door. I just have to remember to keep it shut. She is better now though and usually keeps out of it. Oh and Chloe was telling me Target actually has a pretty good selection on makeup. I guess they carry some British stuff that's supposed to be really good. We don't have a Target out here so we're stuck with Walmart and Walgreens selection unless we're in the valley. Although I never really know the difference because I hardly ever do my makeup anymore. I'm lame :)