Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Conversations with Jimmy

One of the things I love about my husband is that he constantly makes me laugh. Sometimes not on purpose, but he is hilarious. Case in point, a conversation we had the other day:

Jimmy: I'm tired of this cat (referring to my beloved Mitzie- apple of my eye, owner of my heart)

Me: Why?

Jimmy: All she does is take, take, take

Me: Well, she's a cat. What did you expect her to do? Wear a 3 piece suit and get a job?

Jimmy: Yes...

Oh boy. Well, even I can admit that Mitzie has been slightly irritating of late. She keeps playing in the blinds behind our bed at say, 5:00am. It makes me want to make a kitty fur coat when she does that. But otherwise I love her. I guess Jimmy just has high expectations for our animals?

Jimmy is nuts about our bed. Every night before he gets into bed he has to open the covers, and repeatedly "wipe" off the sheet with his hand. In order to get the dust off I guess. Or to just be crazy if you ask me. It's like an OCD habit. He hates it when I lay on his pillow, because I drool (ok yes, I'm a drooler! I can't help it) and usually get some sort of make up on it.

This morning as he is leaving for work I shimmied my way over to his side of the bed. I'm not sure why, but his side of the bed is so much better than mine! Anyhow I lay on his pillow and start to drift off back to sleep. Until he wakes me up asking in a whispery irritated voice " what are you doing?". "Sleeping" I mumble. "Well you better not drool on my pillow" he says. Ha ha. He makes me laugh. I did drool on his pillow. Just a little bit. Oops. I'll have to wash is pillow case for him so he doesn't have a freak out.

I haven't been feeling well recently and he has made me breakfast the past 3 days. And gets me medicine, and takes care of Brynlee so I can rest. He is pretty awesome. And pretty hilarious. It's good to know that years from now when we are old and gray and can only sit around and talk that he'll keep me laughing.

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Audrey Spence said...

I'm kinda OCD about our bed too. Charlotte is never allowed to eat on it and every Fri I'm changing sheets and washing our comforter. It has to be made just right or it drives me crazy all day. And you're so lucky to have your hubby home in the morning! Oh how I wish someone was around to make me breakfast. I've been eating pancakes almost 2 weeks straight because that's what Charlotte always wants and I'm too lazy to make another mess for myself. Kinda running out of ways to make pancakes. We've dyed them about every color you can imagine and I've added all kinds of extracts and lots of chocolate chips to change it up :)