Saturday, March 3, 2012


It's funny how things just hit you sometimes. I was thinking today and wham, there it was. Parenting. Jimmy and I could use some work at it. I'm not saying we are terrible parents. But we have some improving to do.

Now that the day care has kindly brought to my attention how Brynlee is not the best behaved, I find myself watching her without rose colored glasses. It's hard because I'm not sure how an almost 2 year old is supposed to act. But she is quite a terror. Whether it's normal or not, it's not a lot of fun. There are plenty of days where I find myself watching the clock, counting down until bed time. I stick her in bed, turn on some music and feel a wave of relief sweep over me. I'm not sure how normal that is.

It would probably help if I could observe other 2 year olds to see how they act. But I'm never around any so....

Disciplining is hard. Harder than I thought it would be. Not just because it makes me feel bad, but it's exhausting. How many times can you put someone in timeout? I'll tell you, a lot. I feel like Brynlee's behavior inevitably comes back to me. And it makes me feel bad because I want it to be better but I'm not sure how to get it that way. It's frustrating because I feel like I'm sucking as a parent and I hate sucking at things.

I remember when I was pregnant I was talking to a lady that I go to church with. She told me you could not pay her to re live the toddler years. I remember thinking "Oh yeah, terrible 2's... whatever". Now I know. It's so funny how it's like that with kids. People tell you things and you don't know until you have one, and then you really know.

I'm not writing this because I'm feeling sorry for myself. Or because I expect a flood of people to tell me what a great job I'm doing. Because I know I'm doing and ok job. But it's not good enough. This week has been a good one. I feel like I learned a lot about myself this week. I need to be more consistent, I need to be more diligent and I need to be more patient. Time to gird up the loins!


Audrey Spence said...

Okay, I get really excited for Charlotte's bedtime too. She is exhausting. On the days where I feel like I'm fighting her all day I really really look forward to bedtime. Especially since Scott puts her to bed. Even naptime is the same. Its like my own me time. It is not easy with a toddler. Especially a head strong one. I've almost survived terrible twos but pretty sure its the threes that just might kill me. She really knows how to throw a fit. But I found you just have to be consistent...and more stubborn than them which works out pretty good for me sometimes since I can be quite stubborn. Downfall - she gets it from me and puts up a good fight back :) You'll survive and before you know it you be on to some better years before she's an unruly teenager. Somehow we'll survive this all! :)

Heather and Spencer said...

You are NOT the only parent who gets excited about bedtime! I think it may be one of my favorite parts of the day! Sorry to break it to you, but the terrible 2's were easier for me than a 3 year old! 3 was awful around here! I am sure Brynlee is a typical 2 year old, testing boundaries, with everyone who takes care of her. Ryan spends a good portion of his day in time out...I am still learning how to prevent the behavior in the first place, but it is hard. I am sure she will grow out of the bad behavior...eventually. Until then, enjoy and make a huge deal of it when she has great behavior, focusing on the good will reinforce that kind of behavior. Good Luck, know you are not the only one who thinks their kid is a terror!!!

Jason2011 said...
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