Thursday, March 29, 2012


I've taken on some new responsibilities. Withy my quest for my plants to live, I find myself watching them. If they start wilting, I fret. "Are they going to make it?" I ask myself. I water them diligently. Perhaps too much. I'm not sure how much is too much though. I don't want them to be thirsty.

I purchased a bird feeder for our patio. My original intention was to bring birds to our yard because Brynlee loves birds. But I'm finding that I love them just as much. Except for the fact that they are hogs. All of them. These birds are eating me out of house and home. I keep have to refill their bird feeder and I'm wondering how much money I can spend on feeding the wild. Not that bird feed is that expensive. But at the rate they are going, it could be!

I feel like I'm nesting. I'm trying to take care of all these things because my body is telling it's time for a baby. No body, it's not. Not yet. Just a little while longer. So I have these pseudo babies instead. Plants and birds and of course my cat. But she has always been my baby. Except for when she wakes me up in the middle of the night playing with a twist tie in my room. Then I want to disown her.

Speaking of being woken up...

There is a tortoise at Brynlee's school named Pokie. Brynlee loves Pokie. She talks about Pokie all the time. Pokie has been hibernating ( I guess tortoises do that??) so she would tell me that " Pokie night night". Then Pokie woke up. They took Pokie out of his area and had all the kids pet him. But Brynlee was terrified and screamed and cried like someone was trying to kill her. Perhaps a tortoise can be intimidating? Her fear of Pokie has not stopped her from talking about him though. She talks about Pokie in his house, and Pokie's food, and that Pokie is night night again. She talks about Pokie all weekend long. She talks about Pokie at day care all day long.

The other night at 2:30am I could hear her stirring. I went in there and she is wide awake. She looks at me and proceeds to tell me that Pokie is night night. Yes Brynlee, I'm sure he is. I wish you were. I love hearing about Pokie the tortoise at 2:30am. Crazy baby. Yet funny baby. Most the stuff she says is hilarious. Not when she is saying "No!", or " Mine!" though. We've started that phase. I'm not a fan so far. For someone who has to share all day, she sure does not share very well at home. If you sit in her chair she has a complete freak out and tries to push/pull you off. Nice.

I love all the babies in my house. But am finding myself looking forward to adding another. Eventually. :)


Audrey Spence said...

Babies are so fun. Although it takes me FOREVER to get stuff done right now, I love having two. Weird thing is somehow all the bad things have been erased from my brain already and I miss being pregnant and I'm already wondering how long it'll be until we have another. I'm officially crazy! Good thing I get an IUD in a couple weeks! :)

requirebuyer said...
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