Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm a Mom

Brynlee has had a runny nose for the past week or so. No fever or anything, but just a ton of snot. I find myself often wondering how one little nose can make so much snot.

On Tuesday when I got her out of bed she had a crusty on her eye lashes. I haven't had pink eye since I was her age, so I wasn't sure what to look for. She seemed ok, so I got her ready for school. When I got to school to get her out she didn't look quite right. Jimmy came home from work and took her to the Dr. Pink eye. And a mild ear infection. Ugh. Poor thing! No wonder why she has been so grumpy!

We got her some medicine and she was on the road to recovery. I stayed home with her on Wednesday. She had to be on her eye drops for at least 24 hours before she was not contagious any more. I'm not sure why buy pink eye really freaks me out. I Lysol'd anything and everything. I sanitized my hands about 10000 times. I do not want some thing that makes my eye get all goopy. Eww.

On Wednesday by 12 pm she had been on medicine for 24 hours so we were free to leave the house. We decided to go to Costco and Wal-Mart. Costco went fine. We went to Wal-Mart to pick up some pictures. Brynlee was munching on fruit snacks when she started coughing. This kid has a gag reflex like I've never seen. I won't even get into how many times I've been thrown up on. She was still pretty snotty so I don't think that helps. Anyhow, she threw up. Right there in Wal-Mart. Yep. I'm one of those Moms. Luckily for me I had lots of napkins and stuff with me already. And it was only fruit snacks and water. I tried to clean it up as quickly as possible with several sets of judgmental eyes watching me.

This was really nothing though compared to the night before. Brynlee is usually really good at taking medicine. But when she saw me getting her antibiotics out for her ear infection she started to run. I grabbed her and tried to shoot them in her mouth. She spit them out. I pinned her on the ground and tried to shoot them in the back of her throat. She proceed to then gag and throw up all over me, all over herself and all over the carpet. Nice. And as usual when these situations arise I'm home alone. Those times are funny because I think " What do I clean up first?". I didn't even know where to start. All the while trying desperately to avoid touching her infected eye.

So after that some fruit snack water could have been a lot worse. These are the joys of being a Mom.

I was pondering my day with Brynlee on Wednesday. Despite the puking incident in Wal-Mart, I had a lot of fun with her. I was much more patient with her than I normally am. I'm not sure why that is. But I really enjoyed my time with her. I didn't think it was going to be the best day, taking care of a sick baby. But it was. I love being a Mom. Most of the time. By Saturday Brynlee was back to being a mischievous toddler again. I came out of the bathroom to find her with a black sharpie. I thought I had confiscated all those! Sadly this is not our first sharpie incident. Luckily for me she must have just gotten it because the damage was minimal. Besides a black streak on the top of her head. Maybe she was trying to give herself lowlights. :)

Sometimes it still just hits me. I'm a Mom. I was not a Mom for so long it is still kind of strange. I wonder if that feeling ever goes away. I hope it doesn't. It's a wonderful feeling.

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Audrey Spence said...

I think I will consider myself super duper lucky. Charlotte hasn't really ever thrown up a ton. Maybe a little bit a couple times when she's kinda choked on something. But never like real throw up. I've been spit up on plenty with this baby but I don't think that really counts. Poor Brynlee and poor you! But I agree. Being a mom is pretty awesome. I love when Charlotte checks up on me. Charlotte is on my bed while I read this watching Kipper. She says "Mom are you doing okay?" just out of the blue. Yeah Charlotte I'm good. Glad your checking up on me. Kids... too cute.