Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Oh Valentine's Day. How stupid you are... honestly I really think so. But I like to decorate, and I like to bake. And I like to eat candy, so I guess I should be a fan right? Sure. This year I knew we wouldn't be doing anything too exciting because Jimmy had school. I had school too. Lot's of school! But that is fine. I don't need a special day to see how much I'm loved. I see how much I'm loved everyday. Well most days. :)

At school, I got requested by a client. Again! Yay! Two days in a row. Woo hoo! Jimmy ended up not going to school that night. But we didn't have a sitter so the three of us went to the Hat for dinner. Jimmy got me flowers and the new Breaking Dawn part 1 movie. We went to bed early. It was a perfect night. It's funny how each year our Valentine's Day plans get smaller and smaller. I wonder if a time will come when we don't do anything at all. Ha ha based on this years festivities that will probably be next year! To wrap this up, I'm going to list some things that I love. Since it's is the day of love and all:

-a fridge stocked full with diet coke
-clothes fresh out of the dryer
-the way Jimmy smells fresh out of the shower
-when Brynlee puts on my shoes and tells me "Mama Chews" ( aka mama's shoes) It's so cute I could die
-sitting down and having hours and hours to read
-laying on the beach in the summer and listening to the waves as I drift off to sleep
-sitting in church and being so happy to be there
-the smell of fresh cut grass
-being with friends... when everyone is getting along!
-being with family... when everyone is getting along!
-watching Jimmy play with Brynlee

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Audrey Spence said...

Yeah our Valentine's Day gets less and less exciting too. My mom and I did some last min shopping to prep for the baby and I went with Scott home teaching! Ha ha! It was pretty fun though because this couple is really funny and just fun to talk to. But yeah... things change so much the older you get. And I don't need a day designated to have my husband show me he loves me.