Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reality Dose

I've wondered what women are thinking by marrying men. Not that they are not great and all that, yada yada yada. But they are just so... different. I've learned by living with 3 of them that there are some things that are just better to tell another girl.

There is a Progresso soup add that cracks me up every time. I tried to find it to post, but I can't so you will just have to visualize. A woman calls into the progressive soup kitchen and a man answers. She tells the man her skinny jeans fit and he says "so". "So?" she says? Then she tells him to put a woman on the phone. It's so true.

I'll be happy about something, or upset about something. I'll tell Jimmy and expect to get a reaction and all I get is.... nothing. Blankness. Maybe he wasn't listening? Nope, he was. He is just a man. Or just a man who doesn't care.

One can see how this would bug at times. Living with a house full of these creatures, I've found that Jimmy is not the only one who does this.

But, on the flip side this can be a good thing. Sometimes I'll get irrationally worked up about stuff. So and so has more money than I do, everything seems to happen in life for this person. I find myself getting frustrated and jealous. But I share these feelings with Jimmy and he helps me realize just how childish I'm being. What am I, 5? With a birthday looming in the near future I can assure you I'm well past 5. But I have these 5 year old reactions. Its. Not. Fair. I say to him. He reminds me that life is not meant to be fair.

If I were to call another girl and share these feelings we would probably just work each other into an even larger frenzy. This is why I need to be married to who I'm married to. He keeps me grounded. He gives me a healthy reality dose when I need it. He helps to make the big picture clear again when worldliness gets into the way.

So while it may be irritating at times, it's helpful in others. I'm thankful for the balance Jimmy keeps in my life. And thankful I had at least one daughter who I will hopefully be able to share girly things with and get the reaction I'm looking for! :)

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