Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One Fine Day

I was lucky to get some pretty sweet stuff for my birthday this year. I am spoiled. Just a little bit.

Robbie, being the wonderful brother in law that he is gave me a gift certificate for me and a friend to go get massages and facials. Believe me, I could use a massage. It has been a WILD year and I'm tired.

I'm not going to say Robbie is more feminine than Jimmy...ok maybe he is just a little. But he thinks of stuff like massages. He is more in touch with the pampering side. His grooming is impeccable. I think he might have been called metrosexual once or twice, much to his chagrin. Either way I'm grateful for that side of him because I scored big time. He is a great gift giver. The past 2 years he has given me a subscription to US Magazine for Christmas. I love that magazine. I know that is not helping with my struggle against worldliness but I look forward to it every week and get so excited when it comes.

Anyhow, I've never had a massage before. They are ridiculously expensive, and I'm not a naked person. The idea of getting naked and having some strange person rub all over me gives me anxiety. Since I work from home, usually by myself all day I've had people ask me if I walk around naked. Umm...no. Do people do that? I'm fully dressed while working, thanks.

But, I would face the naked fear to get a massage. I brought my friend Chloe with me (see it pays to be my friend, and live in the same state!). She is actually a masseuse so she is well versed in the protocol. I changed into my robe and went into the little massage room. I got under the covers only to hear a knock at my door. My masseuse locked herself out. Oops. I had to go crack the door for her and then hop back under the covers for her to come in.

But what happened next... there are no words to explain. It was wonderful! The dim lights, the soothing music, the pleasant smell. The whole thing. I almost fell asleep like 4 times. I can't think of the last time I was that relaxed. My masseuse was great, granted I have no point of reference here. But if she was able to get me that relaxed she has some skills. It felt so great I didn't even think about the fact that some strange lady was rubbing lotion all over my 98% naked body. See now thinking about it freaks me out again.

Next up was the facial. That was pretty enjoyable as well. Except for the whole extraction part. The part where they take their tools and dig at your face. Yeah. That was not so nice. If there is stuff hiding in my pores, let it hide! If I can't see it I don't care if it's there. Lets not bring it up to the surface. Because now I do see it, and now I do care that it's there. But after the extraction part the rest was wonderful. She used some kind of lemony something and it smelled so good.

I can see why people get these things on a regular basis. It can add up to be quite a costly habit though. It will just have to be a treat for now, maybe one day I'll be able to afford to get them more often. And if not, that is ok. :)

I came home to a cranky baby who decided to skip her nap and make everyone pay the price. So I didn't stay relaxed for too long, but it was nice while it lasted. Saturday was a great day.

My Sunday School class has been going better. No racial jokes at least. I think I nipped those in the bud. We were discussing Brigham Young this week, and I had a picture of him on the board. The boys in the class asked me how he grew that crazy beard. I told them you have to go through a thing called puberty first. Some of them proudly boasted that they had a few facial hairs. One kid even claimed to have 10. Thirteen and fourteen year olds can be pretty funny sometimes. Them being so proud of their piddly facial hair kept me smiling all day.

Since it was Easter I flooded them with baked goods and candy. I guess that helps too. The vigor in which those boys ate those cookies frightened me a little bit. Like a pack of lions with a wildebeest. Do the parents of these kids not feed them? I guess that is growing boys for you. Needless to say there were no cookies left. One kid proceeded to take the bag and empty the crumbs into his mouth. Hey at least he didn't start licking the inside of the bag right? That is something!


Audrey Spence said...

I have had a facial once. My mom got me one in high school since my skin was always so bad. I've never had a massage though. I would love to have one. To be that relaxed would be amazing. My back has been killing me for 3 days now and I think, oh how nice would a massage be? Scott will have to do for now :)
You can also tell your sunday school class that sometimes puberty doesn't even do the trick. Scott can't grow too much facial hair because its kinda patchy. 2 of his brothers are the same way. It's kinda funny. Kids are pretty funny though. There's one boy in my class that will lean to the side from behind someone and just smile and nod his head at me. I told him he'll have to wear a bag over his head in class from now on because he's making me laugh too much. What are we to do with our classes?

Heather and Spencer said...

Love massages! I actually will be scheduling one soon! A few years ago, my insurance covered "facials" at the dermatologist office...it was mostly extractions, but then she did the steam, and lotion bit...I wasnt complaining since insurance was paying for it! As for teenage boys and food...it is crazy! When we cook with the YW for an activity, it takes all we have to keep the YM away! I will admit I have been rude to them about it, but seriously, if you want food at your activity, plan it. I am not paying (nor will the YW program be paying) to feed a bunch of boys!

Sunny Days said...

Good post! I love getting gifts like massages too. Any excuse to treat myself. Lucky you getting such a nice gift.