Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Habits

Babies are funny. I had no idea how funny Brynlee would be to watch. She is really entertaining. Brynlee carries things with her when she crawls. She will see something, pick it up and then crawl with it clenched in her hand. I find random things all over the house because she has carried them there. On Easter she was crawling around with a plastic Easter egg in each hand. One morning Robbie gave her a pancake. He didn't feed her pancake pieces, he just handed her a whole pancake. Well she took off with it, crawling along. She left a pancake trail all over the carpet. She'd crawl, stop and take a bite, and then keep crawling.

She is the biggest mooch. It reminds me of having a dog again. If you are eating or drinking something, she will mosey on over and climb up your leg begging for food. If you don't give her any she will get angry and yell at you. Jimmy and I cannot eat a meal with out her all over us trying to get at our food. It doesn't matter if she has just eaten, it doesn't matter if she has her own food. She just wants YOUR food, no matter what it is. She probably continues to do this because I always share with her (how can you say no to such a cute face?).

She has started bear crawling (on her hands and feet). She looks pretty funny doing that. At least she is keeping her legs clean though. I hate how dirty her pants and socks get from crawling around. It grosses me out.

She is not a Mommy's girl. Or a Daddy's girl. She is an anyone's girl. As long as she is not completely alone in a room, she is fine. She could be with a stranger and would be happy as a clam. I bring her to day care now and she lunges out of my arms for the day care lady. Yes I must be a great Mother! She does this every morning. I asked the day care lady if that was normal and she said yes. Hmm... I think she is lying. I keep telling myself I'd rather have her do that then be clinging to me crying. Because then I would drop her off and come home crying everyday. But it would be nice if she didn't lunge away from me with such vigor. I guess she really really likes that day care!

Her wake up time somehow shifted from 7:00-7:30 to now 6:00-6:30. Not so ok with this one. Why baby, why? I fear for when we turn the clocks in fall. Will she be waking up at 5 then? She used to wake up at 8, and then in fall when we changed the clocks it turned to 7. I figured in spring I'd get that hour back, but she just decided to wake up even earlier. Brynlee, you are going in the wrong direction! I've thought about putting her to bed later, but she goes to bed at 8 now as it is and I'm usually not too far behind her. The idea of having to keep her up at night until 9, ugh. Not so enticing.

We are already struggling about her hair. That is one of the perks of having a girl right? It's like a real live doll that you get to dress up and stuff? I never imagined that my doll would rip out every hair thing I tried to stick on here. Hair bows, forget it. I can put an elastic in her hair and she will keep it in for a little while but once she figures it out she keeps pulling on it. On Sunday I got her all in her Easter dress, with a cute little pony tail and clip in her hair. In the middle of church she discovered it and pulled it right out. I tried to just put in the clip and she pulled that out too. I'll have to try to do the elastic tighter next time...

Pretty soon she will be 1. I remember pre baby thinking that 1 year olds were more like toddlers than babies. Wrong! She is very much still a baby. But she is also turning into a little lady and has quite the personality!

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