Sunday, March 27, 2011

Traveling Ladies

Brynlee and I had the opportunity to go visit some friends in Arizona this week. Her day care was closed for a few days, so I thought it would be a perfect time to go on a trip. It was nice to get a way for a while.

I had a wonderful birthday. Some clients were not very nice to me at work, but oh well. What can you do? I wanted to tell them "It's my birthday, stop being mean to me", but that is not very professional.

Otherwise the day was perfect. Brynlee sent me flowers (whew she is advanced! :) ) and Jimmy took me to dinner. We are going horseback riding in a few weeks, and then after that I'm getting a massage and facial courtesy of my wonderful brother in law Robbie. Not too bad! I made out like a bandit. My lovely parents gave me some cash for my trip, which was very much needed.

The next morning bright and early Brynlee and I set off for Arizona. Jimmy and I flew with her back in November, but she was younger then and there was two of us. Now she is wiggly and all over the place and it was just me taking care of her. Even though the flight was only a little over 1 hour, I knew it was going to be a long one!

I hoped since our flight was super early there would be an empty seat. No doubt that empty seat would be next to me, because no one chooses to sit by a baby. And who can blame them? But the flight was full. Brynlee had a good time stealing my neighbors bags of peanuts, and throwing toys at her the whole time. Good thing my neighbor was a good sport!

After that it was a couple of days packed with girl talk, girl time and baby interaction. I stayed with my friend Megan who has a baby Brynlee's age. And we hung out with her sister Shelley who has a baby about Brynlee's age. And then we hung out with my friend Julie who has a baby Brynlee's age. At one point we all went to the park. 4 girls, with 4 baby girls ( and a few other toddlers mixed in). It was SO much fun to see all the babies interact with each other.

I remember thinking when I was younger how all babies looked alike and how they all did the same thing. WRONG. These 4 babies all looked completely different, and all had personalities of their own. Surprise Brynlee was crawling away from the group the whole time, and I had to go keep grabbing her. I think I'm going to be chasing her for the rest of my life, she is definitely an independent lady!

We took Brynlee to the zoo for the first time while we were out there. She was more interested in the plants and rocks than animals, but we had a good time. Brynlee even got a little tan, after several applications of SPF 45 baby sunblock. I guess that is the AZ sun for you!

I knew the flight home would be a long one, because I was tired. Tired of taking care of a baby by myself ( I'm not a single mom for a reason...) and tired of not being home with my own stuff. But the flight home went well too. No crying, just lots of wiggling. The TSA security man even hit on me ( which never ever happens, especially with a baby and wedding ring). So that made my day!

While Brynlee was an exceptional traveler, I don't think I could make it on more than a 1 hour flight. She is too all over the place, by the time the plane is landing I was ready to GET OFF! And to get her off my lap. I looked around at all the other passengers reading their books. Mean while Brynlee is throwing lucky charms on the floor and trying to wiggle out of my lap to pick them up. And trying to chew on my seat, and everything else within her grasp. I was jealous of the book readers. Just a little bit.

Tomorrow is back to our routine, work included (bleh) but I had a great birthday and a wonderful trip. Thanks AZ friends for showing Brynlee and I a good time!

I'd post some pictures, but I didn't take one. Surprise! I'm really bad at that. If only I had a nicer camera I'd take more pictures... :)


Audrey Spence said...

You need to come visit up here. You could horseback ride everyday at my parent's if you want.
And I really hope Brynlee doesn't turn out to be super independent. I will feel your pain :)

Megan said...

We LOVED having you here and I have pictures...I will send them to you and post some on my blog! We miss you here already! My boys have been asking where Brynlee and her mommy went!