Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Senior Moments

Age is a funny thing. I find myself not being able to remember stuff the way I used to. I'll reminisce about years passed with friends and they are telling me I did/said stuff I have NO recollection of. I didn't used to be that way. Can I blame residual pregnancy brain? I'm going to anyway, even if modern medicine says no.

My mother in law gave me a handy glue gun in a handy carrying case (much like a glue gun brief case. Yes it's that fancy!). I used it to glue something my lovely cat destroyed the other day. As I was trying to fit the glue gun back in it's case it would not fit. I kept trying. And trying. And trying. The worst part about it is that I knew I was doing something wrong. I knew it shouldn't be that hard to get it to fit. But I couldn't figure it out.

Finally, after about 15 min of struggling (I'm not exaggerating here)I flipped the glue gun over and it fit right in. Hmmm... why did it take me 15 min to figure that out? Maybe it's not age. Maybe it's just an idiot attack.

Today, I went to check the mail. In our condos, if you get a package they put it in a locked box. Then, they leave the key to the box in your mail box so you can open it. Today we got a package. Yay!!! I love getting packages. 99% of the time they are not mine, but still.

So I tried to open this locked box. And tried. And tried. Key in hole. Key in hole? Not rocket science right? Wrong. I kept trying. And it kept not opening. I'm smarter than the box. Yet the box is outsmarting me. There was another box sitting there that someone had already opened (once you put your key in the box and open it you can't get the key back, the post man has to pick it up)that I kept looking at to try to figure out what I was doing wrong. I was getting angry. I wanted my package, and this devil box was trying to take it from me! I might have even kicked at the box a little bit. Finally, a light went off. Ding! I had the key in the wrong hole. It wasn't actually the key hole. Don't ask me how I managed that one. Especially with the other box sitting there, the key in place not in the hole I'd been trying to shove my key in for 10 min.

Wow did I feel stupid. I looked around and thank goodness no one was watching me. I think. If they were, they were laughing at me from the comfort of their homes.

But I walked back to my house wondering what is wrong with me. I kind of reminded myself of Brynlee, when she tries to do something and it doesn't work. She just keeps trying until she gets frustrated at it and starts screaming. I wanted to scream at that stupid box. I just hit it instead :)

If I'm already having these senior moments I'm going to be in trouble later on in life!

PS the package was for Robbie. Go figure. All that fighting with the box and it wasn't even my package!

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Audrey Spence said...

It's so funny... my memory is shot! Scott will tell me something and seriously like 5 min later I say the same thing. Then he tells me "did you not hear me just say that?" Funny thing is sometimes I can actually remember him saying it or at least vaguely recall it but I just forget it super quick. My brain won't retain it. So odd. I wonder sometimes if that little fall I took affected my short term memory. I don't know. Maybe I've just stopped caring or gotten to lazy to bother... either way, I'm like a 80 year old crazy woman.