Thursday, March 17, 2011

Let's Roll

My newish goal is to workout 3 times a week. I take pilates twice a week (rocker board DID not work out, I'm debating on posting on that catastrophe later) so I'm just taking pilates twice instead. I decided my third day during the week I will do what I like to call "fun fitness". Meaning I do something I actually enjoy rather than wanting to die, even if it's not the best exercise.

Last week I walked to the park. I love walking. I wish I had a dog to walk sometimes. Not that I want a dog. But just one to walk, not actually take care of. This week I decided I would rollerblade. I love rollerblading. I'm not sure why/when it became so un cool, but when I was in Jr High/High School I would not have been caught dead rollerblading. Now that I'm at the ripe old age of 27 (almost) I don't really care if it's cool or not. I think it's fun and I'm going to do it.

So I dropped Brynlee off at day care and went to the park to rollerblade a bit. While I enjoy rollerblading, I do suck at it. I can't stop really well. I have to either roll onto the grass, or grab a telephone pole or street light or something to stop. That is why I can't rollerblade in my neighborhood. Too many hills. I'd die!

I’m sure I looked a little out of control (like I said, I'm not very good at it). I should probably invest in a helmet and knee pads too if I'm going to do this regularly. I didn't fall one time though! I did stumble quite a bit. And I did have to roll full speed into a telephone pole to stop once too. I even got chased a little by someone's dog...that part was not so much fun. Especially since I am not the most agile on those things. Luckily his owner got him under control!

I'll have to work on my stopping technique because it really is flawed. If there are no poles or grass I'm in trouble! A woman out of control!

I think I might hit up the batting cages next week. I like it there too. And suck at that as well (surprise!). I consider it a success if I make contact with the ball, no matter how far it goes. If anyone has any other suggestions for FUN things to do ( I don't want to hear about running being fun you nuts out there!) that are exercise as well I'm all ears!


Audrey Spence said...

Remember how we started roller blading for exercise but would end up getting donuts or we'd go to lemon park and by the courthouse and someone would have a little vending thing selling hot dogs. Hahaha... yeah... that was fun.
Oh and I had to tell you I was telling my young women today about our awesome church bball game when we were beehives and you made that AMAZING game winning shot. That was seriously the best shot ever and we won the championship thanks to you!
As far as any suggestions for exercise I really like bike riding. Wear my ipod and cruise. Or you can hike a lot out there in Simi. I'm getting into running a bit but that's only enjoyable with my ipod. Or if you're the only one home just crank up the tunes and dance like a crazy woman. Nobody will see you. Just put a couple light weights in each hand and just dance. It's really fun and I'll admit I've been known to do it myself! Really as long as you're moving that's what counts and getting your heart rate up. Oh and you can do a little shadow boxing while rocking out and some side kicks. Really does help.

racheyroy said...

I think running is crazy too. Not fun, just a quick way to burn calories.
I second biking, I didn't think it would be fun but it is, way fun. I even asked for a bike trailer for my birthday so I can take jocelyn. Its fun to go on family outings. Other fun things? I love water things. Might need to wait for summer but just swimming, or activities in the water in general.
Good job on the roller blading! There is a mom who comes to the park by my work and roller blades with her child in the stroller. Some people make fun but I think its cute and smart!

Kaye said...

Hey Liz, if you are ever available Thursday mornings at 9:30 you should come check out my corebar's a new exercise class that obviously focuses on the core, but it is pretty fun.....let me know if you want a pass to come check it out!