Monday, January 6, 2014

Smarty Pants

I remember before I was ever pregnant thinking about how pregnancy was going to be. Like before you have kids how you say things like " my kids will never do that". Ha ha. Oh life does like to throw you curve balls doesn't it?

Pre pregnancy I thought pregnancy would be sheer bliss. I'd only eat an extra Yoplait yogurt a day because you really only need like 200-300 extra calories when you were pregnant. I'd seen way to many of those I Didn't Know I was Pregnant shows, so I thought pregnancy would be pain free and I'd feel totally normal. Looking back at that I think about how dumb I was. Or naive I guess would be a nice way to put it.

One thing I really didn't expect was the severe loss of intelligence. Seriously. Pregnancy brain is no joke, and I've got it real bad. I say and do the dumbest things all the time. I really should write them down. It's a good thing we are only pregnant for 10 months as I can physically feel my IQ lowering by the day.

A little while back I went to make a frozen pizza for dinner ( I know, housewife of the year over here). I baked it for the duration it said on the box. When I tried to get it off the pan it was still all floppy. But looked done on the top. I was perplexed. Being that I'm the queen of frozen pizzas I'd never had this issue. Then I realized I left the cardboard circle on the bottom of the pizza when I baked it. Duh. Really, who does that? Me. That's who.

We keep seeing commercials for the Olympics on TV. My conversation with my husband went something like this:

Me: I don't understand how they are going to have winter Olympics in Brazil. It's a tropical climate like all the time I think.

Jimmy: ( looking at me strangely, I think trying to figure out if I'm kidding) Sochi is in Russia.

Me: Oooooh. That makes more sense. That's a perfect place for the winter Olympics.

Jimmy: ( still staring at me with a confused look) Yeah.

We still watch Jeopardy pretty regularly. Not that I used to get a lot of answers correct, but I'd at least know some. Now I watch it with drool hanging out of my mouth still trying to understand what the categories mean as the contestants and my husband fire off answers.

I hope what little intelligence I had comes back after I have this baby. I think it starts to come back, but I can't remember what happened after Brynlee. I know, I can't remember something, shocking!

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~The Lazy One~ said...

You'll be back to normal after the baby, an a happy mother too~
And congratz, on having a baby on the way. I wish your family a splendid New Year & all the luck with the new baby. :)