Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Big Rant, About a Big Movie, About a Big Ship

Not feeling super great last night, I dragged myself upstairs ( who's idea was it to buy a house with stairs again?) to bed. I went in my room to find the last 30 min of the movie Titanic on. How this got on, I have no idea. Brynlee was supposed to be in her room, and actually was for once. I have the movie Titanic on VHS (wow I'm really dating myself here). When I do watch it, I always just watch the first tape. Watching everyone die is not super fun to me, so I just skip right over that part.

But since it was on TV and I haven't seen the end of that movie in a super long time I thought I'd watch. Besides almost everyone dying, which is horrifying in itself the ending of the movie bothers me still, 16 years later. I found myself getting more and more irritated.

Did Jack really have to die? Was there no other piece of wreckage he could get on? With all the stuff floating around there was nothing for him? While I appreciate Rose's sentiment about wanting to start a new life once she got off the boat, how did that work exactly? She was a 17 year old spoiled brat with no skills besides sipping tea and looking pretty. What happened when the boat docked and she had NO money and NO where to go. What did she do? Somehow she magically managed to do all the things she'd always wanted to do with Jack. Isn't it great when hopes and dreams pave the way? Maybe White Star offered some sort of housing to Titanic survivors that I'm not aware of, but that has always bugged me.

Lastly, the part that really chaps my hide the most is when she throws millions of dollars to the bottom of the sea. Seriously? Gee Rose, maybe your grand daughter who takes care of you could have used some of that money. Or maybe you could have sold the locket and donated the proceeds to kids with cancer or something. No, you just flung it right over the edge of the boat after holding on to it for 80 something years. Well done. It will do a lot of good on the ocean floor.

Ahhh! Obviously besides the things I've listed, the rest of the movie is totally realistic ( NOT!). I've never been a huge fan, as you can tell by my rant here. I remember all the hype over that movie, and it's so awful in so many ways. It took a long time for me to like Kate Winslet as an actress because I thought the character of Rose was so irritating. After seeing Kate Winslet in several other things I really do enjoy her work and think she is wonderful.

Maybe I should stick to just watching the first tape of the movie Titanic, if I watch it at all. Better yet I'll just stick to my Titanic documentaries. OK, rant over!

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