Friday, January 17, 2014

Killing With Kindness...or Food and Water

I have a long line of plant experts in my family. My Grandma loves plants, my Dad loves plants. My Mom is like the plant whisperer. My Grandpa even taught horticulture for goodness sake. Somehow this gene skipped me though. I'm not sure what happened.

Maybe two green thumbs equals a black thumb? Either way, despite how much I try I can't seem to keep a plant alive. Unless it's really really low maintenance. Like a cactus. This makes me sad because I love plants. Just not necessarily cacti... I walk by people's well maintained gardens and am green with envy. Actually there aren't too many gardens out here in the scorching hot desert, so this doesn't happen as much anymore.

I know what my problem is. I over water. I don't want my plants to get thirsty! But then I end up drowning them instead.

Jimmy and I had fish once when we were first married. I overfed them and they died. I see a trend here. In my attempts to take care of living things I overdo it. It's a wonder Brynlee isn't 100 lbs. If she actually ate, she probably would be. It's not for lack of me trying to get her to eat, believe me. Mitzie is pretty small too considering she has free reign of her food. It's probably all the laps she runs around the house at night that keep her sliminess. For a house cat anyway.

My neighbors went away for a week and I took care of their cat and fish. I didn't disclose my history of killing fish to them otherwise they might not have asked me. I really focused on not giving the animals too much food. Every time I fed the fish I said to myself " Just one pinch. Just one pinch" I struggled. They looked so hungry still. Were they starving? Didn't they need just a little more food? Miraculously, they lived! Yay! It's sad when you consider not killing fish over a week a personal victory.

This Christmas my Grandma the plant guru sent me a plant. Oh boy. I found the best spot in my house and set my plant up. I read the instructions diligently and tried my very best NOT to over water. I struggled again. The plant looked thirsty. But I refrained, despite the desire to water just a little bit more. And it's actually growing! Like really growing! Whenever Brynlee goes near it I get all protective of my plant and tell her not to touch it. You'd think the plant was my child. But I go into my kitchen every morning and it makes me so happy. I really do love plants.

My goal for my back yard that is in shambles one day is to have a pallet garden. I've always wanted to grow vegetables. I might have to take a class first before I embark on that endeavor. I spent a lot of money and time on a potted flower project a few years ago for them to all die on me within like 2 weeks.

But I have a LIVING plant! One small step for me, one huge step for black thumbs everywhere!

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Audrey Spence said...

I totally wanted to do a pallet garden this past year but learned quickly how wrong I did it. Everything I planted died. I also suck at transplanting my starters to the ground. So then I created this amazing idea in my head for this next year but we might just end up doing a garden at my parents this year since they have a little room to spare (5 acres worth!) But I really want to grow my own produce! It was so much fun when we did it at my parent's old house. Love it!