Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sister Baby

I know kids say funny things all the time. That's half the reason we have them, right? Some of the stuff Brynlee comes up with cracks me up. It usually happens when she's in trouble and I have to work really hard to keep a straight face because if I laugh I won't be mad at her anymore.

She calls her sister "sister baby". As we've been getting the nursery together Brynlee is seeing lots of new stuff come out of storage for sister baby. On a side note can I just say how exciting it is to actually have a nursery. Like a room for the baby! A room that is not mine, or a closet or someone else's room. The baby's room. I like to just walk in there and look at stuff because I get really excited. Anyhow Brynlee loves all of sister baby's stuff and keeps trying to get into it. When I ask her to not mess with it she tells me " she is sharing with sister baby." I've tried to tell her that somethings sister baby is going to have all to herself, like pacifiers. Brynlee usually gets upset about this and tells me that "sister baby is not sharing good, and she can't do that!"

A few nights ago Brynlee and I were on the couch and sister baby started moving around. At this point it's not little jabs anymore, it's like my stomach is rolling around. It is kind of creepy but watching it roll is one of my favorite things-

Me: Look Brynlee, sister baby is moving!

Brynlee: Why is she doing that?

Me: Because she is running out of room in there and it's getting cramped

Brynlee: Sister baby is trying to cook us dinner ( looking at my stomach) Sorry sister baby, we already ate. Sorry!

Apparently I have a chef in the making.

Brynlee took the nightlight out of the hallway and put it in sister baby's room so she wouldn't be scared.  Now I'm scared when I get up at night and it's pitch black in my hallway. I also keep finding Brynlee's pillow and blanket in the baby crib. I put them back into Brynlee's bed, and somehow magically they end up in the baby's crib again. Maybe she is staking her claim?

Not having a sister, I always wanted one. I'm so excited to have children that are sisters. I'm curious as to how they will get along. While a 4 year age gap is not ideal, there was nothing I could do about it, so there you go. I hope they will be friends. But based on my experience with people who are sisters I'm sure some rocky times are ahead.

As of right now Brynlee is really excited for sister baby to come. I'm sure she'll be singing a different tune shortly after she's born though when the reality of how much attention sister baby requires sets in.

Bless sister baby's heart, I hope she is strong willed. She is going to need it with an older sister like Brynlee, that's for sure. The good side to that though is that no sane person will want to mess with someone who has Brynlee for an older sister.

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Sarah said...

I'm sure they will be great friends! Even though I am 8 years older than Marie, we are really good friends now--- although it took until she was 19 to get there. But we have the rest of our lives ahead of us. :-)