Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Taking a Leap

I find that having faith is easier to preach than to practice. I went on part 2 of my job interview on Saturday ( which is at Supercuts by the way, I don't think I mentioned that). I was told to bring a model and do a haircut. Yikes! Scary! I was petrified. Of what, I'm not sure. Failure I guess. I don't like people watching me do things, I get embarrassed and feel stupid. But on Saturday I built the bullet and did it. It turned out really well! The supervisor was really impressed and said I did a great job. Yay!

But then not yay. I put on my application that I cannot work Sundays. I told her in my first interview on Wednesday that I can't work Sundays. She told me she would try to work around it. But on Saturday she told me that her boss would not let her hire me if I couldn't work Sundays. Ugh. For my readers that are not LDS, it is against my religion to work on Sundays. We are counseled to not work on Sunday and not make others work on Sunday. We don't go to the store, out to dinner, to sporting events, etc. Obviously if someone has a heart attack on a Sunday they would go to the hospital. I try to go by the saying "If the Ox is in the mire". Sometimes people working on Sundays is unavoidable, but I try to avoid it. Really try.

Unfortunately for me this "We can't hire you unless you work on Sundays" bit is not new. Working in one form or another in retail for most of my life I've come up against this before. And I've never worked Sundays. And I've never not gotten a job I interviewed for because I could not work Sundays. Threats were made, yes. But when all was said and done it worked out. So I told the supervisor at Supercuts that I would think about it and call her. As soon as I got in the car I knew what my answer had to be. In my heart I knew I could not work on Sundays. I haven't done it in 16 years, and I'm not going to start now. In my head I thought differently. Jobs are hard to come by these days. And I really want this one. It's just about everything I'm looking for now.

Ah decisions. How important is it for me to not work on Sundays? Surely working one Sunday a month will not damn me eternally. But if I concede this one thing. This one value, what's next? If I give an inch will they take a mile? I had to have faith. Faith that if I do not get this job because of the Sunday things that something better will open up. That the Lord will provide me with something else. Or maybe I'm not meant to work right now. I'm not sure. I called my supervisor and told her that I could not bend on Sundays. I could not yield, or compromise. It was a hard call to make (as the people pleaser inside me was crying out in protest!) I find out tomorrow if they are going to hire me regardless of the Sunday issue.

I'm sure some people out there reading this think I'm crazy. There are plenty of Mormon people who do work on Sundays. But I'm not one of them. In a religion full of rules, I think not working or going out on Sundays is one of the easier ones to keep!


Audrey Spence said...

Good for you for standing up. One way or another you will be blessed for it. I'm thankful for Scott's job that he RARELY works weekends. He actually did have to work a couple Sundays ago but I braved church alone with the kids which went way better than planned. It is quite a leap of faith but it will all work out eventually. Good luck! And there are still like 3 salons in Tooele hiring! ;)

Sarah said...

Thanks for inspiring me. There's nothing more important than living with peace in your heart knowing that you've kept your commitments to God. If they don't hire you, it will be their loss, not yours.

racheyroy said...

it is so hard to tell an employer or possible employer something you know they may not want to hear. but you seem to have a great attitude about it. i wish you luck! maybe if this is not for you, you can be an assistant somewhere and move up? from what i can tell, you know your stuff!