Sunday, April 21, 2013

Worst Critic

You've probably gathered by now that I've struggled with self esteem issues in the past. While it's better now, sometimes they still creep up. I wonder if anyone has not struggled with self esteem issues at one point or another? Whoever you are out there, you are one lucky person!

I saw this video on Facebook and it made me cry. Surprise I know. I'm emotional, what can I say. Especially about stuff like this.

I think this video is so spot on. It's like we see the worst versions of ourselves, but that is not what everyone else sees. I had an experience with this yesterday. I've created a hair website. On it, I wanted to do a tutorial video about curly hair. I hate myself on camera. After Jimmy was done recording me, I remembered why. I look awful. I was feeling discouraged and really not excited to put the video on the internet. Jimmy and I watched it together and each time I'd point out something I didn't like he'd counter with what he did. Maybe he has rose colored glasses on because he is my husband. But I suddenly felt like I was someone in this Dove video bringing myself down. Looking to my flaws first thinking that everyone else would do the same thing.

The moral of this story is that we are our own worst critics. I know, a revelation right. But this video just goes to prove it. I love this campaign that Dove has going on. It makes me want to buy more Dove products to support them, because their advertising makes people feel beautiful, not bad about themselves. If their whole campaign is a gimmick to get me to buy their stuff, it works!

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