Sunday, April 7, 2013

Last to Know

I read a lot of magazines. I try to stay up to date on beauty things, but I just discovered something that I feel like I'm the last to know about. I must have been living under a rock or something. Coconut oil! It's amazing!

It started out when we moved to Arizona. It's super dry here and my old face lotion was not cutting it. I switched to a different face cream and started getting a weird rash on my lip. It's so strange...I don't understand why it's just on my top lip. Skin is so odd. Anyhow it hurt really bad and didn't look even a little bit cute so I Googled home remedies. One of them was to use coconut oil. My dear friend Megan, who is all up to date on the newest and healthiest things of course was already aware of the magic of coconut oil. I've seen her use it at her house. She told me to get it from Costco so off I went.

It's in a big old tub, and kinda weird looking. But it smells great and works really well. I put it on my lip all day and the next day it was healed. I've actually switched to coconut oil for all my moisture needs. I use it on my face, my body even my hair. A couple of nights a week Jimmy and I will load it on the bottom of our feet and put socks on for a while, like a foot treatment. If you Google coconut oil you will see all the uses for it. So far I'm just using it for cosmetic purposes. But I'll get to cooking with it at some point, but I love how it makes my skin feel.

Unfortunately this morning I woke up with strange lip rash again. I guess it wasn't my face cream after all. Hmmm...I think it might be a certain type of chap stick I used. I hope it's not stress related or I'm in trouble. I find myself a little stressed out these days as things are not going the way I planned and I don't like that. Doesn't the universe know it's supposed to do what I say?

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Audrey Spence said...

I haven't used coconut oil much for cosmetic stuff but I use it for all my cooking needs. I think I've been using it in replacement of shortening for over a year now and in the last few months been using it for most my oil needs. I used to get LouAna until Costco started selling it and now I use theirs which is extra virgin so it has the coconut flavor still. I loooooove it. It's so much healthier and it actually is a fat burner. And now glorious Trader Joes sells coconut oil cooking spray. Can life get any better? I think not! :)