Saturday, March 30, 2013

Different Hats

When I was in college I remember hearing that people change their major 7 times or something like that. Well, I believe it. I've worn many different hats over the years. I started college as a history major, changed to a journalism major, changed to a geography major and stayed there. Until I decided to turn my life upside down and go back to school to become a cosmetologist that is. I've been around a few times.

All these things have aspects that I love. I loved history. I still love history. But it's not very practical. What can you do with a history degree? Become a historian? Be one of those people who comment on historical documentaries. I love geography. But what can you do with a geography degree? I knew there was an issue with it. But I thought love would conqure all and I'd figure it out. I did not need my degree in geography to become a travel agent, but it helped me get hired and get my foot in the door. We all know I love hair, so I won't get into that. But while I was a journalism major I was part of the Moorpark College newspaper staff. It's was stressful and exhilarating all at the same time. I loved to write. I still love to write ( which leads to the blog, ta da!). Journalism allowed me to pair two of my favorite passions, writing and sports. My journalism career did not last long as I realized it was too fast paced, last minute and cutthroat for me.

My Mom found this old article on the computer and emailed it to me. Looking at it now, I see it has some issues. But not to bad for a 19 year old girl right? So, without further hesitation here is a blast from my past. Here is an article I wrote while working on the newspaper when I covered a baseball game. Here is also probably where I lose all my readers because I'm sure none of you really care about baseball. But this went on to be published for all the school to see! That is pretty exciting, even if you don't think baseball is. :)

Elizabeth Tileston
Staff writer

The Moorpark Raiders baseball team suffered a heartbreaking loss to their county rivals, the Ventura College Pirates, on March 20, dropping their record to 4-11, 2-6 in Western States Conference play.

The first inning started out rocky for the Raiders' pitcher Bobby Martinez, who gave up several hits, including one to Ventura's David Groener, driving in two runs. The Pirates jumped to an early three run lead. However, the Raiders were able to cut the lead to two in the bottom of the first when Robb Rico had a base hit, stole second and was brought home by Brian Grant.

Ventura answered back in the second when Martinez walked Groener with one out and gave up a double to Jordan Arroyo to bring Groener home, making the score 4-1 Ventura. Martinez was able to retire the next two batters and prevent Ventura from scoring again until the fifth. Moorpark chipped away at the Pirates' lead when Mike Moscatello hit a solo home run in the bottom of the second, but Ventura's pitcher Nathan Rendell was able to hold on when Moorpark ended the inning with a double play.

Martinez retired the Pirates quickly in the third, and Moorpark's offense erupted by lacing together several base hits by John Arishon, Casey Gordon, Tyler Carr and Mike Moscatello, scoring another run for the raiders.

Neither team scored again until the top of the fifth when Ventura had three base hits, and Jared Martin was brought home by Rob Jacobsen to make the score 5-3 Ventura.

In the bottom of the eighth, the Raiders came up with two runs when Fred Rico reached base on an error by Groener and was brought home when Robb Rico hit a triple off the wall. Robb Rico scored on a wild pitch by Rendell to tie the game at 5-5.
The ninth inning was hard for pitcher Andrew Berkovich, who came in to relieve Martinez in the sixth. Berkovich had held Ventura to five runs, but started off the ninth with a walk to Groener. Arroyo laid down a perfect bunt, forcing Berkovich to field the ball on the run. The resulting throw was high, enabling Groener to score from first and allowing Ventura to retake the lead and win 6-5.

Despite the loss, Head Coach Mario Porto is proud of the way his team performed. "We hit the ball and played well defensively," said Porto. "We just came out on the short end of it. These things happen. It was nothing to hang our heads about."

Three days later, the Raiders defeated seven-time Western State Conference champion Cuesta College in a 13-10 slugfest, putting their record at 5-11, 3-6 in conference play.

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