Monday, April 23, 2012

The Week

I'm a pretty optimistic person. Or at least I try to be. But one week a month ( I'll let you guess which one) I'm not optimistic. I'm irritated. And I'm angry. This phenomenon is strange. I don't remember being like this before I had Brynlee. And if I was like this it was not to this degree. Maybe after I have the next child ( no, unlike everyone else on the planet I'm not pregnant) I'll go back to normal! But as of right now... watch out!

Or maybe it just happens to be during this week irritating things come out of the wood work?

Case in point one- parenting advice from the peanut gallery.

I love (not) when people who have never had a two year old try to tell me what I'm doing wrong with mine. I'm not sure where people get off doing this. It makes no sense to me. Parenting is such a personal thing. I'm open to advice. Usually. When I want it I ask for it. I have no problem asking for help. But when people who have no idea what it's like just offer it up it bugs. Sometimes this most un welcome advice comes from people who have never even had kids. Oh, but they read about them in child development classes. Great. I read about Greece in my Geography class. Apparently I'm a scholar on all things Greek now. Good to know.

Case in point 2- My skill... or lack there of.

I did a volunteer even on Friday night for Thousand Oaks High School. We had to do hair and make up for a Prom Fashion Show. The theme was Avant Garde. It was really fun! But every time I finished a hair style on someone that I thought was pretty good I'd look at someone else's and realize how amateurish mine looked. I really do have a long way to go. And it's discouraging sometimes. I'm getting better, but it's a slow process and I'm impatient with it.

Case in point 3- Job hunting... Ugh

I've never had such trouble finding a job. Not even my first job wasn't this hard to come by. It seems people like to give the run around these days. I apply and they tell me they will call me. I keep calling, and they tell me they will call me. What does that mean exactly? Because you are not calling me. If the position has already been filled just tell me. I can take it. Then I won't have to waste my time making my bi weekly round of phone calls.

Case in point 4- The Red Sox

Oh boy. I knew this season was going to be tough, but it really is tough. I didn't think a team could suck so bad. It's going to be a long 6 months of baseball if this keeps up. Maybe I should become a baseball manager. I'm sure I could do a better job than Bobby Valentine. Really Mitzie could probably do a better job at this point.

I think I'm going through what they call a rough spot. A rough spot on a rough week. I'm sure next week everything will seem better. Next week everything will fall back into perspective. Next week I'll be normal again. But as of right now I think a diet coke, some chocolate and a bubble bath are in order!


Anonymous said...
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Audrey Spence said...

you make me laugh... :)