Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bunny Defender

I've always been an animal lover. Sure I love some animals more than others. But I seriously considered becoming a vet or animal keeper. Those commercials come on TV with all the abused animals and I have to change the channel, I can't even deal!

Today I went to run an errand. I was walking up my walk way to come home and I saw a strange sight. A cat was walking towards me carrying a bunny in it's mouth! It had the bunny by it's neck scruff... it took me a minute to figure it out it was so odd. It was a small cat too, only a little bit larger than the bunny itself. So I went after the cat and kept telling it to "drop it". It eventually did, right by my back patio. The cat scampered off into a bush and just waited there.

Unfortunately the bunny was not getting up! It tried and tried, but it was hurt and it couldn't make it up. I wasn't sure what to do. I called Jimmy out to help me. We ran over some options.

1. Leave the bunny and let mother nature run it's course
2. Call animal control and have them put it down ( that is what they would do, right?)
3. Try to put it down ourselves... ugh. No thanks.

I wanted to cry. I wished I'd never seen any of it, because now I was involved and there was not a good option.

Jimmy had the idea of trying to put it into a cage to see if it would get better in a few days. Thanks to the days of the dog, we actually still have a kennel! What are the odds? So very carefully with gloved hands Jimmy picked up the bunny and placed him in. We put him in the garage and gave him some food and water.

But all was not well. The bunny, which I named Lucky, did not look so good. Thanks to the wonders of facebook (who says that website is good for nothing?) I was given the idea to try to find an animal rescue. I actually found a vet that helps wild animals for free, and lady to rehab Lucky when he is done. If it is in fact a broken leg. If it's a broken back they will put him down :(.

It felt weird leaving him at the vet. I hope he's not too scared. They said I can call tomorrow and check in on him. I'm not sure I want to. If I call and he has to get put down I'm going to be really bummed. But at least even that would be better than getting eaten to death! He has been lucky so far, hopefully it will continue!

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