Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Not so Lucky

Despite my better judgment I called the vet on Sunday. Jimmy said I should just assume that Lucky made it, but I'm dumb and didn't listen. The vet said they had to put Lucky down. The break in his leg was too high, and they couldn't repair it. It made me really sad. But at least he went more peacefully than he would have if he had been eaten alive!

I'd made the movie version of this situation up in my head, where the bunny makes it and all is well. Of course reality doesn't work like that. But it's good that I know now if I ever find an injured animal that I have somewhere to take it.

This past weekend was the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking. You know what that means... lots of Titanic specials! Woo Hoo! I recorded all of them. Jimmy is thrilled. Ha ha. I LOVE Titanic stuff, and looking at my DVR list and seeing tons of stuff lined up to watch makes me super happy.

We had a fantasy hair and makeup contest at school on Monday. We were split into groups and outside judges were brought in. I ended up being the model for my group (how I get dragged into doing these things I'll never understand). We didn't win. But I worked it down the runway and earned a prime score for my performance so I did my part. It was a fun thing to do and be a part of.

I did my first perm today. The fact that I've made it this long without doing a perm is mind boggling! I was the last one in my class to have not gotten one. Everyone dreads them because they are a ton of work. But I actually liked it. It was nice to see the whole process come together. My client was really nice too, so that helps since you spend like 4 hours with them. That is a long time to spend with a grouchy person.

Brynlee went poop in the potty tonight. Yay! This is her second time doing that. Her potty training is... coming along. I guess. I'm not sure what is going through that kids mind. Sometimes she wants to go in her potty, sometimes she doesn't. I don't think she is quite ready yet but she is getting there. I can't believe she is going to be 2 next month. It's crazy! She is such a little girl now. The baby is gone. Except I still call her baby. And probably always will. I still call my cat "baby kitty" and she is 3. That's like 15 in cat years!


Audrey Spence said...

Oh I have to ask... have you ever permed someone's eyelashes? Chloe was telling me about one they were doing. I never knew you could do that. And yay for Brynlee! Charlotte will not poop on the toilet and its been hard trying to get her to potty train. And she's almost 3...ugh...I hate that.

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