Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Yay!!!!!!! Who doesn't love Christmas time? The people I live with that's who. We'll just call them Grinch #1 and Grinch #2. Not that the Grinch Brothers can put a damper on my Christmas loving. I will not yield!

Jimmy and I put decorations up last weekend while Robbie hid in his room (probably trying to find a happy place) and it's looking mighty festive at my house. I forgot what a complete terror my cat is during Christmas time though, she is into everything already, and we haven't even gotten the tree yet.

I'm so glad Brynlee wasn't born just a few months earlier, because then she'd be crawling all over the place, wreaking havoc on my decorations just like the cat. I put something up, the cat tears it down... seems like I really do stand alone when it comes to decortions. Even Mitzie is against me.

I remember being in school, and this being the worst time of year. All those finals. It is nice not to have those anymore.

Each morning I wake up and get excited to move magnets, open doors and pin things on my advent calendars. I know, it's sad that I get excited to do that. But I do. I have so much shopping to do it freaks me out a bit if I think about it too much. One of these years I'll be smart and start in July or something. I find myself saying that every year.

I really do love presents, giving and receiving. Yep, I said it. Who doesn't love getting presents? I know we are all supposed to pretend that that part of Christmas doesn't matter to us. But it matters to me. It's nice because you can ask for stuff you wouldn't normally buy yourself. Jimmy is a pretty good gift giver though. Mainly because he doesn't really deviate from the list too much. Which isn't a bad thing. :)

Lastly, I played hangman on Sunday with my class of 13/14 year olds. I got the ball rolling by doing a nice Sunday puzzle, "Sabbath Day". I hope none of the kids stumble upon my blog, but here are some of the hang man puzzles they came up with:

1. Unicorns are cool
2. Asians love rice
3. Football is awesome
4. I love money
5. ______ is the king of the world ( insert boys name were blank is, I left it out to protect his privacy)
6.Hamsters are fluffy

Yes... that is the youth of America right there. Good grief. Safe to say I had some good laughs on Sunday.

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Audrey Spence said...

We have the same blog background! That's awesome! We're so much alike. You're nicer than me though when it comes to hangman. If we have time to play we will but I make them use something from the lesson. Yeah... I'm that teacher. But they still seem to love me! Oh and you should call me back sometime. Ash called me today! I miss you guys so much!