Friday, December 10, 2010

Why Thank you Mr. President

No I'm not going to talk about politics. Not in this venue anyway. To be honest I'm not very educated with them anymore, and my political beliefs seem to be all over the place and don't usually coincide a majority of my readers (no need to lose some of my following!).

I am going to discuss the award I received at my company Christmas party last week though! As I said last year, I'm not much of an award winner.

Athletics have never been my strong suite. While I consider myself intelligent, I'm not intelligent enough to be recognized over others for it (there is always someone smarter than me!).

So, most of the awards I've won have been ones that everyone gets, ie those don't make anyone feel left out awards. Or attendance awards.

But this year, I made Presidents Club again. To be 100% honest, what needs to be done to make Presidents club is unclear to me. It has to do with making the company a lot of money, which they naturally appreciate. Not too many people make it, only like 30 out of 900 or so. And I, was one of those 30! I get my name on a poster that is all around the office, and I get another inscription on my trophy (yay, a trophy!!!).

They count the amount of money your bring in from Oct of one year to Oct of the next year so even more exciting is that I still made it with being out on maternity leave for 3 months! Ah success. President's club members get to go on an all expenses paid trip in June, this year we are going to the La Costa resort and spa in Carlsbad. Ok it's not a trip to Europe, but it's something.

Now, after my good news I'm going to rant a bit. I'm not going to name names as my blog is able to be seen by all. But I am so tired certain types of people I am forced to encounter daily.

I don't understand why people who have money think they are better than those who don't. I'll never understand. Even if I was rich I don't think I could ever treat anyone that poorly. Starting in 2011 the self confidence bash that has been the relationship I've had with these people is coming to an end. At this point, I CANNOT wait. They have not been all bad, but unfortunately the bad over shadows the good. All I have left at this point to say to them is don't let the door hit you on the way out!!!


Megan said... - we are getting old! And I must say, you go girl. You deserve to be treated the best and appreciated for all you do. Congrats on the award and the trip. It will be so fun I am sure!!! Miss you lots - can't wait to see you soon.

Audrey Spence said...

I don't get people with money either. I have definitely learned a lot living here in Tooele being around people in similar situations to us. I've realized a lot of people in Cali, including many members, are so obsessed with money and trying to show everyone up with what they have or where they've been. I can never go back. I hate the competition. That's not what life is about and I hate that so many people I'm supposed to be able to relate to I can't. I love that there is no competition here. We still might be the only ones who don't have a flat screen or a wii but there are just good people doing what they can the best they can to help each other and help those who are less fortunate. I honestly don't know how you can stand to live there. It's sad that people don't care like they used to. Of course not everyone is that way in Cali but the bad definitely overshadows the good like you said.
Oh yeah and congrats on the award! I wish I got awards! They always do make you feel pretty special. Funny how a simple trophy can do that!