Friday, November 5, 2010

Sometimes I Run, Sometimes I Hide

I like to think of myself as wise and mature. Aged to 26 years of perfection, I've over come the demons of my past and can look forward to the opportunities of tomorrow. At least in my head that's they way it goes.

Truth? Not so much. I've come a long way from the uncertain and scared adolescent that I once was, but I've got a long way to go. Nothing cements that more than times like this.

For those long time followers of my blog ( thank you! :) ), you might remember my post about marine man. I saw Marine man a few years back at my company Christmas party. My husband, always the joiner opted not to come with me. So I brought my friend Ashley. There, I saw one of my co workers sons. A rather attractive Marine son. Being that I was with my girlfriend and had no man in sight he told his Mom about how pretty he thought I was. She told him I was married and that was the end of that.

Well, this week I went into the office an extra day. I almost put on make up, but decided I didn't feel like it. Guess who came into my office to visit his Mom? Yep, Marine man. Curse. When will I learn that I should not leave the house without make up on? I ran (literally) and hid when I saw him come in. I stayed in the bathroom until he left.

As I was camped out in the bathroom I started to really think. "Why am I in here again?" Oh yes, because this attractive man was fooled into thinking that I was breathtaking with the help of a some dim lighting and a couple of cocktails. I'd hate to spoil that image for him. I know, I know. I'm married, I shouldn't care right? Wrong. I'm still a person, and I like to feel pretty. I'm sure if I'd come out of the bathroom that I would have taken his breath away alright, but for all the wrong reasons.

Does anyone else do this type of thing? Sadly, this is not my first offense. In fact, you could say I'm a serial hider.

I was in Target one time and I heard "the voice". You know the one, the voice of the person who broke your heart in more ways than imaginable. The person who you dreamed about for years and years only to end up bruised and beaten at the end. What a waste of my time that guy was. What I wouldn't pay to get those years back.

Anyhow, I heard that unmistaken able voice on the next aisle over. I thought about marching over there and telling him what a complete jerk he was and showing him what he had missed out on. Then I remembered I was deathly ill, had a nest on my head where my hair had formerly been and had snot leaking out of my nose. Hmmmm... where can I hide? And hide I did. Until he was out of the store.

I love that scene in the Wedding Planner when Jennifer Lopez sees her ex at the flower place and gets on the ground and tries to crawl away. That is so me.

I'm hoping I'll get to a point when I don't feel like I have to hide in situations like this anymore. I'm getting better. Now I just hide if I have no make up on, or if my hair is a mess. I guess I should really just expect to see someone I know and stop going out in public looking like I just rolled out of bed. Maybe that will be one of my many New Year's resolutions!


Lessons From a student said...

Nice blog =]

It's nice to i'm not the only one who opts for 'flight' in those accidental-meeting with ex situations. I myself am just past the seeing her makes me vomit stage... alas

Audrey Spence said...

In some ways it is nice being outta state so I don't have any of those awkward situations... scott has plenty :) I am to the point where I usually don't care anymore. I worked with a bunch of men for 3 1/2 yrs. Some days I'd actually get up early and do my hair and makeup and it was always nice to get compliments from my installers or boss or other fellow workers on how nice I look. Then I got pregnant and could have cared less. When I do go back to Simi though I get kinda scared I'm gonna run into "someone" and just don't know what to do. I'd hide too.... for the record, Scott does that all the time... literally. Just because he doesn't want to talk to certain girls. It's pretty funny.