Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is How it's Supposed to Be

I've come to the point in life where I'm thinking success monetarily is not in my future. With few exceptions, being a travel agent doesn't exactly pay well. If we are ever going to be well off finance wise, it will be a ways down the road.

But on Friday night I got to pretend for a few hours. My mom got some Dodger tickets from a friend, and the seats were unbelievable.

We sat in the first 2 rows of what used to be the front section before the remodel a few years back.

Most of the Dodger games I've been to we sat in the bleachers or way way up, so this was a whole new experience. The bathrooms in this section were amazing! The doors closed properly, and they were even air conditioned. There was all sorts of gourmet food, and the seats were padded!

The best part was, I had leg room! Like a good 6 inches of it! Since I'm 5'8" ish, that never ever happens. Last time I went to a Dodger game I couldn't even cross my legs!

Ahh this is they way you are supposed to be able to enjoy a game.

Doesn't look like we will be sitting in seats like this again though ( ie the Red Sox game we are barely even in the park). So I guess for now there's nothing like the view from the cheap seats!


Julia Everts said...

Yay for posts from you with pictures...finally! I love scoring big on sporting events. Congrats. How fun.

Scott & Audrey said...

Oh man I miss Major League baseball games! But the Bee's games up here are fun too. Especially thirsty Thursdays! You can basically sit wherever you want cuz it's never full and the drunks are hilarious! You should come visit sometime during the season so you can go to a bee's game. I think Chone was playing for them a couple yrs ago... it was great! Yay for your awesome seats! I bet you had a blast!

Craig said...

Who's that ugly guy with you? He sure brings down the quality of the picture.