Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good Game?

So I caught the tail end of Jimmy's softball game last night. It was not the best game. I've seen them perform better. Much better... Needles to say they did not win.

But when the game is done, and my husband shuffles over looking like a kid whose dog got killed or something I tell him "good game". His response was to tell me no it wasn't.

Robbie comes over and I hesitate before I tell him "good game" too. He had the same response Jimmy did.

Jimmy later explained to me that he does not like it when people say good game when it wasn’t really a good game.

Ok, so what am I supposed to say exactly then? "Bad Game"? Or "Man you guys really sucked out there!". Never having seriously competed in a sport, I guess I don't understand the whole don't tell me good game thing.

Imagine if you gave a terrible talk in church and everyone came up to you afterwards and told you how bad it was.

Or if someone sings a solo and it's awful. You don't tell them that your ears were bleeding most of the time. You tell them they did a good job.

Or do you? I mean they went out there, they tried their best. Maybe they didn't perform well, but they tried and that counts in my mind.

I think this is part of my problem.

With my attempted inner make over I'm having trouble with that gray area. I don't want to be a peopl pleaser anymore, but I don't want to be downright mean either.

I'm not sure how to differentiate between the two because I've never really tried to before.

Where do you draw the line between being honest, and just being rude?

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