Friday, May 8, 2009

What is Your Husband Doing Right Now?

I'm not a big bragger, but I'm going to take a minute to brag about my husband.

Right now, he is volunteering at the Special Olympics. Yes that is how he is spending his Friday. He could be relaxing by the pool, hanging out with some friends or playing video games.

But instead he is outside in the blazing heat helping people who are less fortunate than he is. And no one had to guilt or convince him to help. He saw that they needed help and immediately volunteered.

And I can honestly say this is not a rare occasion for him.

He does stuff like this all the time. If someone needs help, he does not hesitate. I remember one time he went and helped this elderly lady clean her house for a whole Saturday.

Believe me I'd been to her house before, and it was not pretty. But she was old and disabled and needed help. And there he was, ready and willing to go.

When I was younger I was always attracted to losers. I liked guys with bad attitudes, and bad grades. Basically just bad boys. The funny thing is bad boys are just that. Bad. They are bad for themselves and everyone around them.

I'm so glad I ended up with someone who volunteers at the Special Olympic and helps me clean up piles of steaming pineapple upside down cake when I've had a melt down. Someone who doesn't look at helping others in need as a waste of time, but time well spent.

Days like this make me remember what a catch I scored!


spencer said...

Yay for Jimmy! I am sure he volunteered for the sake of being a good guy and helpful...but I am also sure he will have a great day there! Those are some of the most fun and sweet people to be around! You know you scored a great catch when they want to help others..especially on their day off!

Jessica said...

Not only is Jimmy a good man, but he looks great in women's clothing too! LOL

Scott & Audrey said...

Jimmy is a really good guy. You definately picked a winner. Isn't nice to know you can always count on your husband to help you out even when things seem at their worst. Way to pick 'em!