Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summertime Blues

Hello, Summer! I convinced myself that the weather here in Arizona was not that hot. That it's not that bad. Then we went to California for a week. Hmmm....

Simi Valley was about 75 degrees.
Gilbert was about 100 degrees, and rising.

Yeah. It's hot here. And we've only just begun, and it's not even really "hot" here yet. We we drove to Simi and got out of the car it was like I was reborn. I'd forgotten how nice the weather is there in May! Being a California native I fear I will be a weather snob forever now. Because you can't beat Southern California weather.

We had lots of fun visiting family and friends. We packed a ton of stuff in including a trip to Disneyland and a birthday party for Brynlee.

I can't believe Brynlee is 3! Time really does fly! 3 is a big age for her. At school, if you are 3 and potty trained you get to move up to the "big kid" room and play in this thing they call the village. The village is this huge indoor jungle gym with slides, ball pits, the works. Since day one Brynlee has been wanting to play in the village. Now she gets to. Yay!

This week, the pacifier will go. I hate that pacifier. I hate against my better judgement I let her keep it when she was sleeping long after I planned. I wanted it gone by 2! Now she is super attached to it. It's going to be a long week as far as sleeping is concerned.

Work for me is hit or miss. Some days I feel confident. I feel like I do a good job, like my haircuts look good and like I'm doing what I'm meant to do. Other days I feel like I suck and should just quit now. I had my first redo the other day. Meaning one of my clients had to come back and get their hair "fixed". We all get them, but it sucks. I had really hard hair to cut, and I'm new so I have to cut myself some slack. But with such shaky confidence I'm trying to not let that get into my head and freak me out.

Even though summer is miserable here, and will last until October if I'm lucky there are some good things.

We get lots of pool time. It's fun to go swimming, for now anyway.
I love the smell of fresh cut grass in the summer.
I love taking  nap with the ac on listening to a baseball game.
I love BBQ's, hot dog anyone?
I love laying in the sun after being in the pool and drying off.

It's all about perspective. I talk to a ton of different people at my job, from all over. We get a lot of ASU students. It's so funny the ones from places where it gets really cold or where it rains a lot love it here. They love the dry heat and they love Arizona. If I make it though my first summer I'm sure I'll learn to love it to.


Sarah said...

You are so right about Californians being weather snobs! I didn't realize I was one until I lived elsewhere... and ESPECIALLY after I moved to Houston. But I can say that once you decide not to care anymore, it becomes less of a big deal. :-) Good luck to both of us as we get through a hot summer (your blazing and dry, mine less blazing but SUPER humid). :-)

Audrey Spence said...

I think I grew out of the So Cal weather after only a couple years here. I LOVE UT WEATHER! I LOVE the seasons. I do not miss the hot Santa Anas. I do not miss heat waves in the middle of what should be winter. I love the cold. I love not sweating most of the year. Our summers still get hot but not as bad as Southern UT or NV or AZ. It is a dry heat. Which I actually prefer a little humidity but the dry does make the heat easier to deal with. Plus we get LOTS of tstorms which I don't remember much of in CA but love it now when those monsoons blow through! I'm sure you'll get tons in AZ too being further to the south with more of that tropical air that likes to sneak up and bring some crazy storms! That's my favorite part of summer! :)