Friday, May 31, 2013

A Day Without a Bink

Monday was the day. No more binky. I'd been preparing Brynlee for a while, so it wouldn't be a complete shock to her. I told her we were going to send her binky to a baby who needed it. She asked who this baby was. Surprise. There is a reason they mark the "inquisitive" box at school every day for her mood. I should of figured she'd want to know the name of this baby. And request a picture.

So I took to the internet and printed out a picture of a baby boy who I named Jared. I told her Jared was going to get her binky because he needed it. She told me that when she saw Jared she was going to tell him no, she was keeping her binky. Needless to say she never told fictitious Jared that he could in fact not have her pacifier. 

We put it in an envelope and "mailed" it to baby Jared. She seemed fine at first. But then when it was nap time she asked for her bink. Clearly she did not really get the whole mailing it away thing. It was a rough nap. But she eventually fell asleep. Bedtime was rough as well. Actually it still is. She eventually goes to sleep, but at like 10:30pm. Seriously. We put her in bed at 8:00pm and fight with her for a good 2-3 hours. This is not entirely new. She freely hops out of her crib now, so she pops out of bed all the time. But with nothing to pacify her she hops out until a lot later. We are tired. It's like our evenings are the only time we have with each other and now Brynlee is staying up later than us.

But, she has been pacifier free since Monday. To think I have a potty trained child who doesn't have a pacifier is so exciting. Yay!!

Work has been better. I've actually had several people ask for my card! Granted they were all women, because I still suck at men's haircuts. But I'm getting better. Or sucking less, you might say. :)

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Audrey Spence said...

I was too scared to do Charlotte cold turkey off the binkey. We clipped a bit off each week until she lost interest. She kept saying it was broke. But she was fine. She could still have it at night and at naps but soon learned it didn't work quite the same and after a couple weeks would throw it out of her crib and was good. And I feel ya with the bed time. We try to get both kids down between 8 and 9 because our only time alone is after the kids go to bed and by that time we're lucky if we can stay awake 20 min to watch a show together or something. Isn't fun to be a parent? :)