Saturday, May 11, 2013

On the Other Foot

Sometimes I think about things I used to think. Like how 5 years ago I thought a certain way, and now it's completely different. Or really like 1 year ago I thought a certain way and now it's completely different. It's crazy! What I wouldn't give to get in a time machine and talk some sense into my 14 year old self. I'm sure I'm not alone in this.

What got me started on this is I was thinking about hair. Yes, shocking I know. But now that hair is front and center in my life I think about it a lot. I used to be a serial cutter. Of hair that is. I loved getting my hair cut. To me, there was nothing like leaving the salon with a new hair do. Or that first time you wash your hair after a hair cut and you realize how much hair is actually missing. I love it. I think that is part of the reason I wanted to do hair. I used to look forward to getting my hair done weeks in advance. It was like Disneyland to me. I literally could not sleep the night before I had an appointment.

One type of person I never understood was those long haired people. Those people who freak out when they get 1/2 an inch cut off their head. Really? No one will notice that 1/2 an inch is missing. However now the shoe is on the other foot. And I'm one of those people. I've been growing my hair out for 2 and 1/2 years. It's been a slow process. It's not nearly as long as I thought it would be by now. My hair grows so slow it's like a joke. Well it's good in that I don't have to get my roots done that often. But to say my hair grows at a snails pace is an understatement.

So to me 1/2 an inch of hair is like a months work! I've become one of those people, terrified of cutting my hair. But I've always thought (and still think) healthy looking shorter hair is better than long ratty hair. Right? Right! So, I got a little hair cut. Not a big one. Just a little one. And I love it. So this is what healthy hair feels like again? Hair without fried off ends? Ahhh. It looks so much better. And feels so much better. It's like a whole new head of hair! I'm going to try not to be so afraid of cutting my hair in the future.

I've had the stomach flu from hell the past few days. Kill me, now. Yes there were plenty of times I was longing for the comfort of the grave. I'm feeling better now, just really weak. That's what happens when you don't eat for 24 hours and lose every fluid in your body I suppose. I had to call in sick to work, which sucked. It's so not like me. I'm a pretty good at multitasking  but trying to cut hair and puke at the same time won't work I think. Luckily I have the best boss ever and she is really understanding. I keep thinking of that quote from The Devil Wears Prada where Emily says "I'm only one stomach flu away from reaching my goal weight." If life gives you lemons right? Bathing suit season, here we come! LOL

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Sarah said...

I just had the stomach flu too! BLAH! It's the worst feeling EVER!!! Sorry you had to go through it too.