Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Ah summertime. A time when most people travel and go on vacations. And then there is us. Us who haven't been on a real vacation since 2009...3 years! Ok maybe I'm exaggerating there. We have gone places in the past 3 years, but we haven't really been able to vacate. Since I'm in school and traveling is pricey it looks like this year will be a vacationless year as well. But I can vacate in my mind!

So, tonight I'm going to go to...( drum roll please....)Cape Cod! Yep. I could go anywhere, and that is where I'm choosing to go. Why? I mean I've only been their like 25 times. Because I love it. That is why.

First we'll spend some time in Boston and do the Freedom Trail again. It's not like I remember everything from last time. And you can never get too much Revolutionary War history in my opinion! We'll take in a Red Sox game, and they'll actually win this time.

Then it's off to see my family, that I miss a lot. Especially during summertime. We'll stay with my Grandma and she'll make her famous lemon squares. Because they are phenomenal, I'll eat like 10. Calories don't count on vacation! I'll visit my aunts and uncles and cousins. All my cousins will be living home again so I can see all of them (hey this is my fantasy, so people have to do what I want!) and we'll catch up on life.

We'll lay be the beach, play lots of horse shoes and take long naps. I'll actually eat fried clams because I've developed a liking for them, after hating them for 20 years. We will see some amazing sunrises. Even if we have to get up super super early, there is nothing like seeing the sunrise over the ocean. Something you don't get to see here in California.

The humidity will make my hair a giant fro, and my clothes stick to me but I won't mind. I'll be on vacation after all! I'll stock up on Red Sox and Patriots souvenirs because they are a dime a dozen out there, and you can't find any in California.

We will have a wonderful time and will be refreshed and ready for life again once we get back. I'll go to Cape Cod on vacation this year.

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