Monday, July 23, 2012


I started thinking the other day about relationships. Brynlee has started to cling a bit. Finally at 2 years old I have a clingy child. Hmm... a little late Brynlee.

But she has not just been clingy with anybody. She has been clingy with me. Recently it's all " Mommy, Mommy, Mommy". It seems like whenever Jimmy tries to do something for her and I'm around she wants me to do it. (and on a side note she has also become super bossy... where did this kid come from?).

But just last week Brynlee was clingy with Daddy. What the crap? Is she favorite hopping or what? Maybe this is normal. Except the cat seems to do it too. Although Mitzie has been in my fan club for a while. I'm not sure what happened, but somewhere a long the line she has become a serious Mommy's girl. She will follow me around just waiting for me to sit so she can hop on my lap. Even when their are plenty of other laps available.

Of course all this attention makes me feel good. I must be doing something right after all! I guess I know how to take care of my girls!

I'm not a huge fan of clingy Brynlee though. She started whining at me when I drop her off at day care, even when she was begging to go an hour earlier. I don't feed into it and just scurry out the door. And she started crying when I try to drop her off at Nursery as well. I usually have to distract her with a toy and then run while she is not looking. It's quite a song and dance, and I guess I've been lucky to avoid it for the past 2 years.

She is hilarious though. Brynlee keeps me laughing all the time. Like actual laughing out loud laughing. She started pulling her clothes out of her old clothes bag (the ones that don't fit anymore that we are saving for #2) and putting them in the dryer. I'm not sure what is going through her mind. Maybe she thinks she is doing laundry? But she looks to see if I'm paying attention, and then rips them out of the bag and shoves them in the dryer. What a weirdo.

She sings "Happy Birthday Sammy" whenever she sees a candle. Because Sammy's party was the first birthday party she went to, so now she thinks it's always Sammy's birthday.

Whenever she sees cake she goes "Mmm... cake! Nummy num!". I have to agree, it is quite tasty. I'm not sure where nummy num came from. But it's so cute I want to die. I'm sure the clingy stage will break soon enough. I hope it does before I have to drop her off at her first day of real school! I was thinking about that last night. When that day comes if she starts clinging and crying I won't be able to leave her there!

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