Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Super Mom

Since Brynlee's birthday is around the corner I've been planning a b day party for her. Nothing too fancy. But you can't turn 2 without having a party! I was chatting with my friend the other day who is a stay at home Mom. She was showing me the stuff she is planning for her son's birthday party. She is super Mom. Literally. She is also a stay at home Mom, so I guess I can't compare.

But she has a garden ( in which she manages to keep things alive), she sews, she coupons she play groups. She does everything I wish I could basically. She is super organized and super on the ball. The stuff she is planning for her son's birthday is nuts. Crazy nuts.

This is not a post where I ramble on and on about feeling sorry for myself. But it's times like this when I think "Oh boy". Sorry Brynlee, I guess you pulled the short straw getting stuck with me. Because my flowers are dying slowly but surely, I clip coupons and then lose them, I just about lose everything due to my lack of organization, and am lazy when it comes to things like birthday party planning. If my friend is Super Mom then the name Space Mom (because I'm more often than not out to lunch these days) or Messy Mom (because my house like my car like my room like my mind is one giant mess) applies to me.

Well not with this party. Not this time. Limited by financial issues but nevertheless determined, I'm actually working diligently on Brynlee's party. I'm making decorations, I'm planning things out. I'm trying to be organized. Yes miracles do happen. Don't expect this party to look like something out of Martha Stewart magazine or anything. But I'm hoping a few personal touches will bring things together. I don't have a lot of space, and I don't have a lot of creativity with this kind of thing. But I'm trying. And it's actually pretty fun.

IF I ever actually become a stay at home Mom, I wonder if I'll ever get it together. Probably not. A zebra will never change his stripes after all. But maybe I'll be a little more on it. Maybe.

One small step for moms in school, one huge step for me!


Heather and Spencer said...

I am a stay at home mom and the furthest thing from Super Mom!!! Sad thing is you are probably more on top of things than I am! As for the party, she will be happy with whatever you put together (and if it is bad, she wont even remember;) )! Since you have the tight budget, look for ideas on Pinterst, there is also a blog I started following where she puts together parties for under $25. I took a lot of her ideas and added to it for Camryn's first birthday. Good Luck and I am sure it will all turn out great!

Audrey Spence said...

She'll just be so excited for cake and presents she won't notice anything else. We had a kind of "surprise" bday for Charlotte's 3rd and all she cared about was her cake, balloons and presents. I wouldn't worry about it. Kids are very forgiving at this age.. so I've learned :) And you don't need a bunch of stuff to have a great party. Sometimes just the company of family and friends is more than enough.