Saturday, May 26, 2012

2 Years Old and Wiser Too

Happy Birthday Brynlee!

Ta Da!

Homemade cupcake toppers-not by me. But by my very crafty friend Carla.

Below see my homemade 2! As cute as this turned out, it probably will not happen again. That 2 took me almost two Laker games to make! Ugh. Way to much work. You better believe I pointed that out to everyone who came through the door!

I made a picture timeline for each of Brynlee's 2 years-

I made tissue paper Poms and spent way way too much time trying to hang them. Way too much time. In fact they are still hanging becuase I can't bear to take them down! My friend Chloe was at my house for like 6 hours friday night helping me clean and decorate. I owe her big time.

Of course no birthday is complete without some balloons.

And after the party trying out her new bike

Umm, Jimmy I think you might be over the weight limit for that...

It was a very long but very fun day. Now I get to dress Brynlee in new clothes everyday and it makes me really happy. Happier then when I get to dress myself in new clothes. Funny how that works.

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Sarah said...

Liz! The party turned out so cute! I especially love the hanging poms! :-) And most importantly, it looks like your little cutie had a great time at her party! Happy 2 years to Brynlee!