Friday, May 25, 2012

The Phantom

The weather is warming up, and this means several things:

1. I get hot and sweaty, therefore not very happy. I HATE sweating... yes I'm a girl about it.
2. My electric bill reaches new heights. Joy. Last year we broke a new record in the month of September. I'm hoping to not repeat that.
3. No more colds!

Turns out the 3rd one is not so true. On Thursday I started not feeling real great at school. Not terrible, but not very good. By lunch time I had chills and a pounding head. I didn't want to freak anyone at school out, so I decided to go home. It's a good thing I did, I had a fever of 102! Yikes! I haven't had a fever in a long time. I felt like death was knocking on my door. I felt terrible! I'm sure I probably picked it up at school, people are sick there all the time and we are all right up in each others space.

Jimmy was the perfect nurse. I'm so glad he was home last night. He took care of Brynlee, brought be medicine and made me dinner. He made me a can of chicken noodle soup, but didn't add any water to it. Oops. Hey at least he tried right? Ha ha, men are so funny. I slept and slept and slept. I didn't want to get anyone else sick, so I stayed home from school today too. And slept and slept and slept. By 3pm I felt fine. So strange. Like a phantom fever. I'm glad it went as quickly as it came.

I'm even more glad that I had someone to take care of me. Hopefully no one else catches the phantom fever, it was unpleasant for sure!

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Audrey Spence said...

I've been sick for over two weeks now. Some sinus/chest cold crap. I hate being sick but I'm glad the worst is over. Glad your's didn't take too much out of you. Fevers are the devil!