Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I think I'm becoming bitter and cynical in my older age. I find things annoy me a lot more than they used to. And I find myself irritated a lot more as well.

Example 1:
My HOA. Can I just say that I hate them? Because I really do. I can't remember if I've ever blogged about their antics before but they are extremely irritating. If your trash cans are not brought in by a certain time, you get a warning. If you trash cans are out too early, you get a warning. My neighbor was having shoulder surgery the day before trash day, so he put his cans out before he left for the hospital. I came home and saw a nasty note on his trash can saying he had them out 1 hour too early. I ripped it off so he didn't have to come home to find that there.

Apparently if the screen door on your patio is not up to a certain quality, you get a complaint letter. Yes I'm serious. Last year Laker broke the bottom of our screen door so it's just flapping in the wind. In attempt to patch it up, Jimmy tried to duct tape the screen to the frame. It didn't work. And I'll admit it does not look wonderful and could use some attention. However, one of my neighbors apparently walked by my house, went and got their camera, came out and took a picture of my screen and then sent it in to the management company. I think these people might have too much time on their hands. I'm considering writing a large note, and taping it to my screen door inviting this person to come introduce themselves the next time they walk by. I'd like to meet them. And could give them some charities they could spend their time helping rather then anonymously tattling on neighbors.

I think I'll dress up really trashy and attend the next HOA meeting. I bet they would really appreciate that. Maybe I'll just get super involved and walk to the members houses with my camera and make sure everything is up to par.

Something else that has been really irritating me recently is people. Men in particular I find do this often. Maybe I'm alone in this, so you can let me know.

Example 2:
I HATE it when you are at a gathering and someone asks you how you are or how work is or whatever. When you proceed to brief them on this, they get a glazed over look in their eyes and look as if they could not care less. Like them sitting ther listening to you is the hugest inconvenience ever. Like they would rather be anywhere else but sitting there talking to you. It's not that I'm rambling on for 30 min, believe me. I'm not that much of a chit chatter. Maybe my life is really just that boring. But hey, you asked! Don't ask if you don't want to know! It drives me crazy. Believe me, I'm not itching to tell you. I'm a fairly private person ( with the exception of this blog) so we can chat about your life if you want. I promise I'll at least pretend to be interested.

I find my husband doing this sometimes and it makes me want to throw my shoe at him. He'll ask me how my day was, and then zone out. Don't ask if you don't want to know! I'll find someone else to talk to who actually cares how my day was. NO skin of my back.

Ok there is my rant, I'm done for now. Until the next thing comes along that irritates me. Then I'll be back. :)

I'll end on a positive note, as I don't want to end on a negative one. Brynlee is getting better and better at walking to the point where she can actually sneak up on me. And I don't hear her toddling along. I love when I'm in the kitchen cooking and all of the sudden I feel little hands on my legs. I turn around and there she is looking up at me. I smile at her and she smiles back, and it is so darn cute I could die. I love feeling those little hands on the backs of my legs. It helps to make all the other annoying things people do go away!


Audrey Spence said...

I've heard nothing but bad things about HOAs and the worst part is you're paying them too. You have to give them money. My brother used to live in an HOA area and they were the same way. Nazis. They had gotten a truckload of dirt to do their garden and had like only a day or two to get it placed. But our city is kind of Nazi like too which just kills me. The city will site you if your grass/weeds get too high. There are times Scott works a lot and doesn't have time to do it until the weekends and if its raining he can't even do it then and we had been cited before. Luckily I used this amazing weed killer this year so its not an issue but the park by our house is unfinished and no joke, the grass/weeds are like 3-4 FEET high. And you're trying to fine me for 6 INCHES! Suck it Tooele city! Oh they kill me. And they even take a picture and send it to you. Seriously. Instead of you sending people around taking pictures of my house and the yardwork I'm well aware of that needs to be done, how about you take that person and give them a weed whacker and send them to the park to cut down the weeds on city property.... Oh I could go on forever... What is old age doing to me? :)

racheyroy said...

Our HOA has a rule that if you park a car in visitor parking you have to pay $20 a month. We were in the process of selling an old car and had it there. I locked myself out of the house one day and it was really stressful because I had to get to work, I was sitting outside crying with jocelyn who was also freaking out and an HOA lady walks up to me (member of my ward as well) and decides then is the best time to tell me that I have to pay them $20 because of our extra car out front. Really? In some aspects I get HOAs it keeps things nice, but they always end up being annoying people who meddle too much in other people's business and do whatever they can to get your money.