Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gathering at the Water table

Until a few months ago, I'd never heard of these things called water tables. My boss bought Brynlee one for her b day, and up until just recently we've been having fairly mild weather. For southern CA anyway. Well that all came to an abrupt stop. It is hot hot hot here now!

Whew! So I'm constantly finding myself trying to entertain Brynlee without going to the park or for walks (sorry Brynlee, I love you but I'm not pushing you in a stroller in this heat...).

So this weekend we broke out the water table. Despite the freezing cold hose water ( that felt oh so refreshing in the midday heat) Brynlee did not hesitate to dig in!

I had to keep hosing down the pavement so it didn't burn our feet off! And I'd hose it down and it would try in like 2 min. Ah summertime!

It was still pretty hot so at one point we just sat her down in the water table. She seemed to enjoy that just as much.

We took her swimming again as well. But, she only lasts in the pool for about 20 min. After that she starts trying to wiggle her way out of her baby floaty. And then if you hold her she tries to wiggle her way away from you. This kid has a death wish or something.

I think we'll have to get a baby pool and stick it on our patio so she can just run around in there without my worrying about her dying kamikaze style.

Brynlee has developed some fun habits recently. Toddlers really are patience testers. Brynlee thinks it's fun to dumpster dive and dig things out of our trash can. She then proceeds to carry them around the house and drop trash all over. As if I needed help making a mess out of my house! And my trash can even has a lid. I've now used masking tape to tape it shut.

Brynlee has decided that diaper changes are too time consuming now. She used to lie semi still. Now she flips all over from the second I put her down. You should see some of the diaper jobs I've done in my attempt to slap it on here before she wiggles away. It's comical. And when she does more than just pee.... don't even get my started on how fun that is.

We've had a few temper tantrums and the baby attitude is definitely coming out more often now. But she does live in a house of attitude ( even down to my very opinionated cat) so I guess I can't blame her!

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