Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Campers

I know I'm weird. We are all strange in our own ways, but I prefer to be called "fun" rather than odd. But I guess when it comes down to it "odd" really probably fits better.

I'm an easily excitable person. Presents, mail, holidays, sunny weather, a good book, an episode of jeopardy. They all make me really happy.

This weekend Jimmy was supposed to go on a boy scout campout. He went and bought a few necessities to prepare for the event. When he arrived at the church buidling where everyone was meeting, none of his boys where there. After driving to thier houses (yes he did that, what a dedicated scout leader!) to see where they were. He eventually conceded to the fact that the camp would go on without him and his boys since none of them were going. He ended up just coming home.

But in his clutches was a prized possession... a tent! Who doesn't love tents? I've always thought they were so fun, to sleep in or just to hang out in.

Unfortunately we don't have a back yard. Dratts! We have a front yard type thing, but I'm not sure the HOA would appreciate us camped out in the front of our house. So, we put up the tent in the living room. Yep, a 5 man tent went up in the house:

Even stranger then having a tent in the living room is that we actually slept in it, when a perfectly good bed was just feet away. Jimmy was not so enthused by this idea, but he humored me. He humors me and my antics all the time! :)

Tessa helped us put the tent up, but she didn't want to sleep in it. I can't understand why not!

We turned out all the lights, and made shadow animals on the walls and everything. Didn't have any smores on hand though. I'll have to remember that for next time.

It was almost like camping, except the cat ran circles around and in the tent all night until we had to lock her in our room with the baby.

Guess if we ever make it camping the cat will be staying home...

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Heather and Spencer said...

If you ever feel like camping in your living room is too "odd," you are more than welcome to camp in our backyard! Yay for Jimmy being a trooper and camping with you! (I wish Spencer's boys hadn't shown up for that camp out...?