Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby Aerobics

Well these past few weeks have been wild to say the least! Unfortunately 2010 has not brought good health to my family. In fact quite the opposite!

My Dad, my Mom and now my Baby have all hit some stumbling blocks recently.

If you toss in my bout of food poisoning or stomach flu from the other day it's almost laughable!

I keep waiting for Jimmy to call me and tell me he fell of a roof or something, I wouldn't be surprised at all.

I don't feel like re hashing all that though so I'll just sum up some of it quick, I'm not sure how many details my family wants me to release to the public.

The baby's heart beat keeps jumping up way way to high. They saw it in the big ultrasound, and had me come back to check. When I went back it was fine, but my Dr. in her infinite wisdom had me come back one more time to check, and sure enough. Her heart beat kept shooting up, then coming back down, and then shooting up again. I'm not sure what she is doing in there, but she needs to cut it out!

This was not the best news I could have received, but it could be much much worse.

For now I have to go back to the specialist once a week so they can monitor it. As long as it keeps correcting itself it will be ok, but it stays to high for too long it will be a problem.

They might have to put me on medication for it, but they aren't sure right now.

I can feel her moving all over the place in there now. I think maybe she is doing baby aerobics, and that is why her heart rate keeps jumping so high. At least she is exercising at an early age!

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Heather and Spencer said...

Sorry your year has started out so rough!!! Hope things get better fast and that your daughters heart rate goes and stays normal so you have one less thing to worry about! Let me know if you need anything!